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Investing in Domain Names: Is It Worth It?

There are aways at least two sides to every story, so you will hear opinions on both sides of the fence. Is it worth it to invest in domain names? That is really a loaded question because there are several factors involved in the ultimate worth of any site you choose to build. The one key point is that a domain name is only as valuable as it is ranked in Google. That’s the long and the short of it. Unfortunately, the process of ranking highly may not be as easy as you think! Before buying domain names to flip for a profit, consider some important things you’ll need to accomplish.

Building Rank Builds Value

While you can buy great domain names, their relative value is only worth how it ranks with the search engines. The reason for this is because a business will be willing to invest in a website that is already easily found to anyone searching for keywords within their niche. If your domain name can rank highly on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) then you can probably hope to sell your site for several thousand dollars. Some sites have sold for tens of thousands, but of course, those kinds of sales are rare.

Keeping Costs Low

As with any investment, you want the very best ROI possible, which would necessitate keeping investment costs low. Remember, you need to publish your website which means you’ll need reliable and cheap hosting. Compare various hosting companies on hostingkingdom.com to find one that will enable you to publish several sites at the lowest cost possible. As you sell one domain name, you can immediately start building your next site, and so on.

Pay for the Fewest Services Possible

One of the quickest ways to overspend is to hire everyone from a web development company to content writers. You can find free WordPress templates, which you can easily build within a single afternoon and over time, add a few widgets and other modifications to make it your own. After that, you need to populate your site with SEO content.

Here is where you might want to spend a bit for SEO services to find keywords with the right amount of competition. If you have any writing skills whatsoever, write as much of your own content as possible. If not, you will need to hire professional writers, but it’s well worth the cost if you want to build a high-ranking site.

You Get Out of a Domain Name What You Are Willing to Put In

Is it worth it investing in domain names? You may not make a fortune at it, but every now and then you will find a name that will get you several bids when auctioned off. As a side hobby in the beginning, it’s well worth it to invest in domain names. Just remember, the names you buy and develop must be something that a business would want to snatch up.

Choose your domain names carefully, develop a site that ranks well, and you can make a decent living once you get the hang of flipping for a profit. Just remember, you will get out of your site what you put in, so plan to spend a decent amount of time developing every domain name you buy. A domain name without rank usually has little value. That’s the key.

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