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Get Indoors! Interior Business Ideas For Your Commercial Property

The best thing about investing in a commercial property is the potential to do whatever you want with it. If you are an entrepreneur, you can start to think about how to lay out your space to make it appealing to your customer base. It does all depend on what type of business you are looking to set up. But here are two common business types to give you some inspiration to lay out the space to make the most of its potential.


A standard of the workplace fare, offices tends to suffer from the typical layouts that they had from the 1960’s. A few methods to sort this are as below.

Remove The Walls And The Cubicles – This is a surefire way to reduce claustrophobia and encourage staff members to actually communicate with each other! It is no good if people are isolated from each other and are not able to talk without feeling they are being hemmed in!

Insert Standing Desks – As well as taking up a lot less space, standing desks are a great way to encourage healthier trends in the office. Standing up makes people move more, and it has been shown to increase productivity! You are making your staff healthier by making more space. It’s win-win!

Put In A Space For Relaxation – You could make a specific area purely for the purposes of relaxation. You could work with interior architects to create a space that really helps create an environment that is purely for relaxation instead of being a work-focused space with graphs and charts on the wall. You could add other layers, like music with different types of albums. Or you could put up pictures. If you are looking to gravitate away from the old style offices to a new-age appearance, then this is an excellent approach to take.


A restaurant is not just a place to eat. It is the staging area for the customer’s dining experience, and it will determine the mood of the evening.

Aim To Create The Perfect Ambiance – Loud music, plastic cutlery and fold-out tables will set up a more rustic mood than having smooth jazz echo quietly while people sit down in front of tablecloths made of linen, and fine bone china plate. It will depend on the style of restaurant, but you need to make sure this is a big part of the experience.

Be Economical While Maintaining Style – As a business, you need to have enough seats to turn a profit! Think about what is the bare minimum amount of customers you can have in your restaurant. You don’t want the feeling of customers being elbow to elbow, they won’t enjoy their experience. Some places have the focus purely on seating capacity. While others will go for the classy interior design to add to the ambiance.

Make Sure To Give The Customer What They Want – Customers will not want to sit in certain areas, so install a waiting area to add to the experience. Or if you are working with limited space, make an area that is a problem somewhere that the staff can go.

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