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Investing In Business Premises For Your Small Business? Inexpensive Options To Consider

Maybe you’ve been running your business from home, and have decided that it’s time to move to your own premises. Perhaps you have been working on a business idea for a while, and needed commercial space to get started. Either way, once you’ve decided you need premises for your new business, you will need to think about what type would suit you best. Chances are you’ll want to keep costs low so that you can maximise profits and not go over budget while your small business gets established. But buying as opposed to letting can make sense since once you own the property you don’t have to pay rent and it can give your business an element of security. But what you should go for all depends on the type of business that you run and what your day to day tasks involve. Here are a few inexpensive options to consider.


If you’re working with wood or metal or manufacturing items on a smaller scale, a workshop could be the ideal choice. Companies like Steel Buildings Direct can set up metal workshops quickly and easily. So whether you want to start manufacturing your own products as an add-on to an existing business or or you want to set up a workshop in your back garden to create a home business it’s easy to do.

Cheap Units

Another option for non- office, formal types of businesses would be cheap business units as premises. These are basic lock-ups, again similar to workshops but have a physical address. You can get them in all different sizes so if you plan on expanding your operation later on you could easily move to a larger space. Commercial units are usually located in places like industrial estates, so not the best option if you have customers or clients that come to your business since they can be a little out of the way. But if you need a simple space for you and your team to work and your business involves practical, hands on tasks this could be a good option.

Small Office

An office space needn’t be expensive, and usually offices that are outside of town and city centres such as on the outskirts cost less to rent and you’ll get more space for your money. However it does depend on the kind of business that you run, if you need foot traffic or need to be accessible to customers then you’d be better choosing a smaller office closer to the action. Spend some time choosing your office premises, a nicer space is likely to encourage more productive work but you have to make sure it works with your budget too.

Cheap Shop

Shops tend to be some of the more expensive commercial properties to rent since they’re usually located in busier areas which get plenty of foot traffic. Sellers know that people will pay more for areas like this, so the price reflects it. But if you choose something small on a slightly quieter street, you can still make your business a success. Providing it’s easy for people to get to, it doesn’t have to be on the main street. Do your research and compare plenty of prices in different locations.

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