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Invested In Property? Now You Need To Sell It

So you have found a brilliant property to invest in and now you want to sell it on or rent it out. There are various tactics you can use to get the sale, but remember you need to be patient. You don’t want to ruin all of that hard work buy taking a lower offer simply because you want a quick sale. However you manage the investment, you need to keep your business skin on. Ensure you don’t get desperate for the money and keep yourself easy. Also, if you’re renting, don’t just rent it to anyone. Rent to someone you think you will be good tenants. Making this decision will save you further down the line.

Find A Good Estate Agency

This is easier said than done because there are just so many of them. You need to find someone you can get on with. You may already know one if you are a property developer because you would have worked with them before. Check for specialties, if you are renting a few flats then find someone who represents flats. Go for people with specialties as they are more likely to be able to make a sale. Some specialise in selling to students for example. Look at commision too, and try to haggle with it. If you are selling multiple properties you are in a good position to bargain from.

Make Sure Your Property Is Represented In The Right Way

You need to show the best of your property to get a viewing. If you get the viewing, you’re more likely to get a sale. You need to take it one step at a time. Make sure the photos you take are bespoke and show the best. Nowadays, you can even use virtual tours to make the best of what you have, Excelsior Imaging have the details. Try everything you can and browse estate agency websites to see what kinds of things sell and then copy it. The better the representation of your properties the more likely you are to sell it. This means the people who do the tours too. You may want to even do it yourself. Take the prospective buyers around and talk them through what you have done with the place, you’ll show a passion that the estate agents can’t because you have that time invested with the building that they don’t.

Target Your Audience

If you are going for a student rental, you’re going to want to highlight how it comes already furnished with so many bedrooms etc. Target the descriptions to the people you want to buy the property. If you have a house and are looking for a family then you want to put more focus on the garden and on storage etc. These are things you need to bear in mind to ensure you get what you need. If you have a nice flat then you may be looking for the single professional, so you don’t just want to advertise the flat but also what is in the surrounding area. Is it close to transport links for example. Really think outside the box and put yourself in their shoes. Think what would make the difference to you if you did what they did.

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