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Here’s Why You Should Invest In The Internet Today

Donald Trump’s presidency is still in its infancy and yet one of its defining features so far has been the president’s predilection for tweeting. Whether you think the commander in chief should spend more time at the Oval Office, or whether his being glued to social media is actually the best thing we can hope for, the fact remains that the internet has become a cornerstone of our civilization. Uber has changed the way we travel, Tinder has changed the way we date, and Facebook has changed the way we secretly check whether we’re more successful than the people we went to school with. The influence of cyberspace is only going to grow. Here are a few reasons to consider investing in it now:

eSports is already a massive industry, and it is only going to get bigger. Research has shown that 205 million people watched or played eSports in 2014. The industry’s demographic tends to be young people, and if you can continue to hold their interest over time, they are likely to remain as a revenue source well into their adult lives. It is easy to dismiss eSports as just teenagers staring at screens all day. However, the potential for profit has even attracted the attention of conventional sporting organizations like PSG. If you still think it is rather infantile, consider that the company that organizes the world chess championships recently took on a cybersecurity company as its sponsor. The internet’s appeal is diverse and therefore an attractive investment option. Check out some key internet statistics.

You might think that the internet’s near ubiquity might be a disadvantage. After all, something’s value usually exists in an inverse proportion to its abundance. You might be concerned that your investment will go unrewarded in the hectic, constantly changing online marketplace. However, it is clear that search engines play a pivotal role in which websites become successful and which fall into obscurity. Seo packages ensure that your website reaches the top of Google Search and that more customers see your page.  With the number of internet users now over 3.5 billion and increasing every second, the statistics speak for themselves.

Which companies do you think of when asked about the most successful in the world? Apple? Microsoft? IBM? They are all tech companies, and this is no coincidence. In a world where the internet is becoming more accessible and more important every single day, the people who facilitate its access are going to become equally as important. There is a name for the new trend of everything from toasters to watches to glasses being connected: the Internet of things. As humans strive to make their lives more easily manageable, they become more reliant upon the internet. It will soon be the infrastructure of our daily lives. The reasons to invest in the internet are overwhelming.

While real estate is said to be the best investment, and one can never lose money running casinos or in the insurance business, if you’re looking for more than a safe bet, then log on and get started.

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