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Should You Invest in Electric Cars When Car Leasing?

Are you on the hunt for a new car? You may have noticed that the car market is changing with diesel on its way out, ultra-low emission zones being introduced into our cities and the price of fuel on the rise. This means more and more people are now looking for real alternatives and there has been a steady demand for electric cars.

Electric cars are appearing more on our streets and many of the political parties have even made promises about investing in this technology, so does this mean it is time for you to invest in an electric car? There are many lease a car offers for you to take advantage of that will help you decide on whether or not this greener approach is best for you.

Is Electric the Future?

The prospect of electric cars has been around for a for a few years now and this is mainly due to climate change and the damaging effect that car fuel has on the environment. What’s more, there is also a lot more concern in regard to public health and the fumes produced by cars. There are real concerns about the future of motoring with its CO2 emissions and while fuel powered cars are likely to remain the most popular when you are trying to lease a car over the next few decades, we will most likely see electric car sales becoming dominant by the year 2050.

Are Electric Cars More Expensive?

The biggest downside to electric cars really is the cost of them as for many, the price is too high. As they are still quite new, this higher price point is to be expected until they gradually become more mainstream. What’s more, the cost of building them, including the infrastructure and batteries is decreasing which will also make them more affordable in the future. However, as car leasing is the best option for most people now, this makes electric cars more affordable and if you are definitely looking to get one, then car leasing is by far a better way to get one than to buy outright. With an electric car leasing deal, you will only be paying the depreciation value of the electric car, rather than paying towards its whole value which is what you do when buying a car on finance. This means you can get a new electric car without having to pay its full value.


Leasing Electric Cars

If you are a business looking to invest in electric cars, leasing will be the best option for you. Normally, at the end of a leasing agreement you can either hand back the electric cars or you can make a balloon payment to and become the owner of your electric car fleet. As electric cars depreciate in value very quickly, this means car leasing is more beneficial than buying.

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