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Industries To Invest In For The Future

If you’re looking for a new business venture to invest in, then it’s worth looking ahead to the future rather than what has worked well in the past. Odd advice it may seem, but realistically it makes sense because the world is developing and changing rapidly, new ideas and innovations are appearing all the time, and you never know where they’ll come from or what they will be? Who would have thought that an idea like Facebook would have become what it is today? Now there’s no point investing in another Facebook, you need to have a look and see what might be the next big thing and here are a few ideas to get you started.


You’ve heard of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies they were a big deal and everyone was investing a couple of years ago. While the hype seems to have faded more options other than Bitcoin have also become available such as XRP and Litecoin. You have to know what you’re doing if you want to invest in this industry as people have a bit of a fear that it is a bubble waiting to burst due to cybersecurity issues. However, if all goes well, then this is still an industry that could be very rewarding for you.

Medical Marijuana

A controversial topic, but it’s something that is becoming more and more acceptable and the industry is continuing to grow. In America, nine states have now legalized marijuana for recreational use, and numerous other states now allow medical marijuana. There are a number of products available too so the industry is booming and it doesn’t look to be going any other way.

Green Energy

Energy and the planet are on everyone’s mind at the moment, and this is another industry that is only going to thrive. Any products which can save energy, such as smart home products are worth investing in now. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Renewable Energy Industry Outlook report, consumer demand for products which can save energy is continuing to grow. Even as early as January last year, over 100 companies had committed to using only renewable energy and 50 cities had expressed support to transition to using only renewable energy sources to power their communities, which could pave the way for further growth in the industry.

Virtual Reality

According to Reuters, the virtual reality industry is expected to continue rapid growth and could become a $40 billion market by 2020. It is not just investing in video game companies either as VR is now being used in other industries such as education and medicine. This industry is another that is only expected to grow.


The food industry is booming right now; there are different trends within it such as the surge of food trucks, food delivery services, activity themed restaurants and specialty food places, there is always something new on the scene. People are taking food and health far more seriously than ever before, look at taylorshaw.com, for example, which shows even how the education industry are putting catering as a priority now. If you want to get investing in the food industry, then one of the biggest trends right now is meat-free and vegan. According to Marks and Spencers, 3.5 million people identify as vegan now, 20% of people under the age of 35 have tried veganism, and 25% of people’s evening meals are now meat-free.

Recyclable or lower impact packaging With veganism, green energy and the environment being hot topics at the moment, more and more companies are getting in on the action when it comes to packaging. There are now zero waste supermarkets opening up selling local food, international food, whole foods, toiletries, cleaning products and household items without plastic any packaging. Companies like Dettol are selling more and more refill packs encouraging people to cut down on their waste and Lush has been package free for years now with others following suit. Waitrose & Partners are also stocking two new organic Chateau Maris wines in recyclable cans; Carlsberg has started gluing its cans together to create an easily snap-able bond in order to remove 1,200 tonnes of plastic waste annually. Also, Walkers crisps have joined with Terracycle so they can start a recycling scheme for their crisp packets while they are working on making new types of packaging. This is an industry that matters to people and matters to the planet, so if you’re looking to invest somewhere and want to ‘do good’ at the same time, then this is definitely something to look into.

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