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What Makes An Industrial Property More Valuable?

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Home properties and commercial properties like offices and stores are particularly popular. But don’t forget that industrial properties can also be a valuable investment. Industries such as manufacturing and warehousing need large spacious buildings for their operations.

Industrial properties are different to standard commercial properties. They have particular features which make them more valuable for the industries that need them. Whether you’re buying an industrial property for your business, selling one, or investing in one, here’s what it needs.

Plenty Of Space

Industrial buildings need to be as spacious as possible. Unlike offices or homes, where many small rooms can be useful, industrial properties need large, open spaces. It’s necessary as they’re often used for storage of goods. The extra space is also useful for companies which need room for large pieces of machinery.

A valuable industry property will have plenty of square meters for equipment and storage. They also need to be built high to accommodate large machinery and shelves. Modern industrial buildings are usually expected to be at least 8.2 meters in height.

Maintenance Work

Some industrial buildings sometimes need more maintenance than regular buildings. They often contain many health and safety risks, regarding both physical injury and sickness.

Many industrial buildings suffer from poor ventilation. A property with more windows in work areas will instantly be more valuable. Buildings also need well-maintained air conditioning systems. Older buildings might have dusty and clogged up A/C units. These can cause illness, so be sure to have them checked.

You also need to consider structural maintenance. Steel or metal buildings are particularly useful for industrial properties. These kinds of buildings are often easier to maintain. No matter what kind of building you have, make sure to have it surveyed to identify any problems.

Premium Equipment

Industrial properties usually contain complex machinery and equipment. This applies in particular to manufacturing plants and factories. If your building contains a lot of useful components, make sure to take care of them.

Industrial building owners often get chrome plating for machine parts. It’s also often used for items created by manufacturing plants. It’s a process applied to metals to make them more resistant to wear and abrasion.

Even if you’re selling an industrial property, well-maintained machinery will make it more valuable. Those needing one for their business will want long-lasting equipment and components that won’t rust or wear easily.

Loading Docks

Loading docks are a particularly valuable feature in industrial buildings. The companies which use these buildings often need large doors both to send out deliveries and take them in. Loading docks allow them to handle deliveries efficiently.

Doors should be wide and high to allow for easy loading and unloading. Make sure loading docks are located next to a large parking area so trucks can make their way in and out. You’ll also want to ensure they’re secure. Bollards are often used in parking areas to increase security and prevent unwarranted parking.

A property with many practical loading docks will be valuable to many companies. Buildings with the best loading facilities will be more valuable to business owners.

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