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Improving Your Business Kerb Appeal Fast

Kerb appeal isn’t just something that homeowners need to focus on when selling their home. It’s something that every business needs to focus on too – especially if you’re hoping to draw in foot traffic and create clients that way. Your kerb appeal has a huge effect on your reputation and what sort of business people think you are, but it can also make the difference between having a lot of people choose to walk into your business and having them walk straight past.

The following advice will help you to improve your business kerb appeal fast!


Invest In New Signage

New signage is always going to give off a better impression than old signage that has been worn by time and the elements. Before investing in new signage it could be a good idea to consider whether you actually need to rebrand if your current brand doesn’t seem to be working for you. 

Put Some Greenery Outside

Put a little greenery outside of your store – even a welcome mat could help to draw people in! 

Fix Up The Concrete 

If you need a concrete repair on your building or the pavement, don’t leave it. It will ruin the look of your kerb appeal in an instant, so get it fixed as soon as you notice it. 

Sweep Regularly

Always have somebody sweeping leaves away outside and clearing up any other debris. 

Get Some Help

A window cleaner will keep your building looking shiny and new. Make sure you also look into other regular maintenance jobs, like having your gutters cleaned. Staying on top of these jobs is extremely important and will make a huge difference to how your building looks. 

Change Up Your Window Display

Don’t keep your same old tired window display for months on end. Change things up, and always look for ways to improve the display. Pay close attention to what works and what doesn’t in your industry, and try to get creative! 

Ensure Your Parking Is Signposted

If you have parking, make sure it’s signposted as some people may not know that it’s yours. It should also be well lit to encourage people to come in the morning/night when it might still be a little gloomy. If the parking isn’t yours but there is parking nearby, point people to that. 

Be Dog Friendly

There are always going to be benefits of being a dog friendly business. Who doesn’t love dogs? Put out a bowl of water so that people are encouraged to bring their dogs with them. 

Be Accessible

Think about those who may need a little extra help getting into your shop. Being accessible is one important thing that many businesses, even pharmacies, aren’t paying attention to. Just because the majority of people don’t need help, doesn’t mean a minority should continue to struggle and suffer. Be an ally. 

Are you ready to improve your kerb appeal? How are you going to do it? Leave your thoughts and ideas below!

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