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How to impress a potential tenant

So you have recently invested in a property which you are looking to rent out, but are unsure of how to entice potential tenants? With over 4.3 million privately rentable properties in the United Kingdom, it can very difficult to ensure that your property stands out from the crowd. There are a number of inexpensive, simple ways you can make your property an enticing prospect for potential tenants.  

Below is a list of means through which you can impress potential tenants during property viewings, and ensure you make your investment will be an extremely profitable one.

Furnish your property with Ikea products

A trip to your local Ikea can be a great – and extremely inexpensive – way to furnish your property in a modern manner. Ikea has a huge variety of extremely cheap chairs, stools, tables, wardrobes etc. that can give your property a modern feel. The showroom styled layout to Ikea will also give you a number of design ideas for bathrooms, bedrooms and the kitchen of your property. Potential tenants will undoubtedly be impressed if the property is well furnished and fit to be moved into immediately.

Ensure the property is squeaky clean

The large majority of people who will come to view your property will actively look for flaws in each and every room they walk into. In order to make sure that potential tenants do not find the flaws they are looking for, meticulously clean every nook and cranny of your property. Be it through your own elbow grease, or by hiring professional companies such as the IPMFM Group, ensure that your property is squeaky clean prior to any viewings. Coupled with cleaning your property, utilise air fresheners or diffusers to give each room a fresh and welcoming feel.

Be friendly and confident during viewings

People who are looking to rent property are hoping to find a fantastic property and a trustworthy landlord. It is essential that you are able to answer all of the questions which will be asked during a viewing. Ensure that you adequately prepare for viewings by: learning every specification of the property off by heart, finding out interesting details about the property’s location etc. Ben as friendly and accommodating to potential tenants as possible. If a potential tenant believes that you are a trustworthy and friendly landlord, they will be more likely to consider renting your property.

Competitive Pricing

It is essential that you research how much similar properties to your own are currently being rented for in the area. Check other properties’ monthly rent prices and the deposit that is needed to rent these properties. Researching this will ensure you do not accidently price yourself out of the market.

Turn the heating on during viewings

A simple, but wholly beneficial, step that you can take prior to a viewing is turning the property heating on. If a possible tenant walks into a warm property, they will immediately believe that it is a cosy and homely abode.

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