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How To Secure Your Construction Site

Running a construction site comes with many challenges, one of which is learning how to keep it secure for thieves and vandals. Theft and vandalism from construction sites aren’t only costly, costing the UK alone approximately  £800 million a year, but can also set projects back, resulting in missed deadlines and unhappy clients. Moving all of your equipment off-site on a day to day basis would be time-consuming, so what can you do to secure the site itself? 

  1. Have only one entrance and exit
    A site with multiple entrances and exits may make manoeuvring a little easier but it also presents additional weak spots which will need to be managed by your site security. A single entrance and exit are easier to manage enabling security to focus on one area and it also allows you to strongly fence the rest of the site.

  2. Securely fence the site
    There are a couple of different types of security fencing open to the construction industry including:

    1. Anti-climb Heras fencing
      This fencing is portable and lightweight and eliminates footholds making it difficult to climb. This type of fencing is more suitable for light security as it still allows onlookers to look in on the site.

    2. Construction hoarding
      Construction hoarding provides a visual barrier which can deter opportunistic crime such as casual theft or vandalism. Often coming in two different varieties, timber or steel, hoarding is a more robust security option to traditional Heras fencing.

  3. Store all valuable equipment away
    Storing all valuable equipment away in secure storage containers keeps them out of sight of opportunistic thieves but also protects them against more targeted attacks. Secure storage containers are built from very resilient materials and provide the perfect solution to on-site storage. 
  1. Employ site security
    Site security can be a big deterrent to criminals, consider having a day and night security team to keep your site secure around the clock. The security team should monitor everyone who comes in and goes out from the site as well as guarding the entrance and exit way when the sit is no longer in use. If you have a lot of expensive equipment or are at a high risk of vandalism then site security can give you the peace of mind you need.

  2. Use smart solutions
    If having a 24/7 human presence on-site isn’t possible then consider using a smart solution instead. Smart security solutions such as cameras and sensors can allow you to monitor your site remotely and will alert you should an intruder enter your site. At the touch of a button, you can then alert the security services to catch them in the act.

  3. Keep your site well lit
    Thieves love darkness, so keep your site well lit to ensure that all security footage is clear and no-one can get away with sneaking around in the shadows. If you can’t have lighting on 24/7 then consider setting up a  few PIR sensors which will set off your lights if an intruder is detected. 

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