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How To Prevent Unauthorised Access To Your Business Premises

How To Prevent Unauthorised Access To Your Business Premises 

Unauthorised access occurs when an outsider enters your business premises without permission. However, this breach isn’t limited to strangers; your workers can trespass areas out of bounds. Unauthorised access can lead to office equipment theft, releasing of sensitive information about the company or customers, and vandalism. It can also put the lives of your workers and clients/customers at risk. Therefore, preventing unauthorised access to your premises is essential. Here are some helpful ways to achieve this. 

Thoroughly assess the risks 

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The first step is to assess your company’s risks of security breaches and put measures in place to address them. You can save your business time and money without reducing productivity. And you can do this by detecting weak points in your security. For instance, you can determine where the possible access points are and how easily people can break in through them. You can also ascertain how easy it will be for thieves to escape the building after stealing from your premises. While at it, also factor in your office location. Your business is at risk of being broken into if it’s located in a crime-ridden area. Certain tell-tale signs like broken windows and graffiti can signify criminals in that community, leading to the next point. 

Take the necessary precautions 

You’ll also find it beneficial to take the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorised access into your building. Experts advise limiting security responsibility to one person to promote transparency and accountability. Ensure that the security personnel check the security systems and premises regularly, taking note of irregularities or suspicious changes. Consequently, they must closely contact the local police and ensure security protocols are obeyed. Instruct your receptionist to track or record whoever comes in or goes out. As a tip, let all visitors identify themselves, state who they wish to see, and the purpose of their visit. Installing an entry phone or issuing visitor passes is beneficial, so feel free to consider this. You can also lock all external doors if possible. However, review your fire regulation first before doing so. 

Prioritise physical security 

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Another way to prevent unlawful access to your premises is to prioritise its physical security. And you can do this by investing in effective locks for your windows, doors, roof, and other entry points. However, ensuring that these locks conform to British Standard 3621 is beneficial. As a tip, buy options with registered keys, as they require written confirmation to acquire spare keys. And if you get extra keys, consider getting high security key safes from Securikey to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. While at it, label your keys with a code only your workers can understand while at it. You can also fix and replace faulty windows and doors and install solid steel window bars. Fences with anti-climb paint or barbed wires are practical, so feel free to leverage them. However, ensure your building doesn’t look like a prison or fortress in your efforts to secure it, as it could deter customers and workers. 

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