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How To Make The Most Of Your Money While Being Eco Friendly

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So many people want to be eco-friendly these days. They don’t have to be fully 100% sustainable but every little helps and choosing different eco-friendly lifestyle changes into your everyday habits will help contribute towards a better and more sustainable planet. There are lots of ways you can be eco friendly in your home like not using plastic bags, using reusable makeup wipes and kitchen rolls as well as using beeswax wrap to wrap up your food instead of plastic bags. There are other ways you can be eco-friendly in different areas of your life including your money and different ways to make the most of the money you have. So if you are on a budget or you have money that you want to invest with, there are eco-friendly ways to do this.

If you’re looking to invest your money you can do this into eco-friendly and sustainable companies. You still want to have a good return on your investment. Eco-friendly businesses normally offer low buying with the potential for huge growth with the climate crisis and everything that’s happening in the world. Eco-friendly products and businesses will only get more and more popular as time goes on. You can start by investing a small amount each month which will build up your portfolio and best think of it as a long-term investment so as time goes on it can be used to contribute towards your pension or something that you will use for things in a couple of years. When you’re investing, keeping money for as long as possible is the best way to help it grow. If you withdraw it after a couple of months you’re not going to see much return on your investment and will be better off for the savings account or fixed bond.

Another way to help make the most of your money is by looking to repair it rather than replacing it. If you find that you have clothes that have a hole in or have the colours faded try to be creative and help make them new again. If you don’t know how to so there are lots of helpful videos on YouTube and it’s more than likely that your grandma or someone in your family will know how to do this and you can save a good pair of leggings by sewing up the hole or if you have a hole in your sock simply repair it and your clothes will last you a lot longer meaning you won’t spend as much money on replacing them when they have small holes in. This can be the same for anything in your life if you have kitchen appliances like washing machines, fridges or any other items. If they are broken or damaged you can look to just get the appliance spare parts rather than a whole new replacement. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and help your appliances last a lot longer. If you don’t know how to fix it yourself you can still hire a specialist who can change the parts for you rather than doing it up yourself and potentially making it worse.

Another great way of being eco-friendly and making the most of your money is by growing your food. Now obviously you can’t grow a whole supermarket worth of food but you can choose one or two items and if you’re an avid Gardener maybe even up to 10 and you can use your garden space to grow your food. There is a lot of accomplishment and growing your food. It’s better for the planet and it’s a lot cheaper in the long run. You can help it go a long way by having a group of friends or fellow eco-enthusiasts who can all grow different items and you can all share between yourselves. This means you can get a lot more food for not doing all the extra work. So if for example, you grow carrots then you can swap a bunch of carrots to one of your friends who is growing strawberries and then you can all have a bit of everything meaning that you’ll have more food locally sourced and grown rather than paying for it from the supermarket which is normally wrapped in plastic. It’s a great thing to teach your children and can really help build a local community and also help those who don’t have a lot of money and may struggle for local fresh food. You can swap tips and tricks as well as the food and if there is a local community area you could even open up a community garden where everyone contributes and everyone reaps the rewards.

There are lots of different things that you can do in your home energy-wise to help save money and be more eco-friendly by adapting to these different lifestyle changes. When it comes to washing, always wait till you have a full load to wash, washing half loads or just a few items will waste a lot of energy when it’s not needed. You can also wash on a lower temperature or cold wash it will still keep the clothes clean but will use a lot less energy. And especially if you live in warmer climates you can lie and dry your clothes by putting them outside on the clothesline or you can even buy a clotheshorse for drying indoors and this will save a lot of energy and money which would be wasted from a tumble dryer. When it comes to electrics, always turn them off at the plugs when they aren’t being used as they will still use energy unless fully turned off. You can also get plugs that have timers on so that when you are charging your phone or iPad then it can turn the plug off when it is fully charged and you aren’t wasting electricity. It will also help keep your electric bill down too, saving you money. 

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