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How To Keep Your Business Secure

When people used to talk about security, it used to be burglar alarms and locks that would immediately spring to mind; however, now you mention the word security and most people immediately think of cybersecurity. While this is very important, we shouldn’t forget about securing the actual, physical business premises. Whether you have a single floor, an office on a floor or a whole property, it needs to be made as secure as possible to ensure the protection of your business. 

In your office, there is likely to be computers, legal documents and even cash that need securing, so how can you make sure that your whole business is secure?

Use a monitored alarm system

The first thing you should do when looking to secure your business is to get yourself a monitored alarm system. Thanks to technology, you don’t need to employ someone to monitor it for you, but you can now get an alarm system that you can monitor on your mobile phone so that you’re always aware if there are any problems. You might even be able to use an intercom and speak to whoever is there. This can be a really good deterrent for thieves and is well worth looking into. 

Invest In Security Lighting

While one of the ways to keep people away is to hide what you have with a decent set of commercial blinds, another thing you can do is to install security lighting on the outside of your building. This works well as it could make a potential burglar feel like they are being watched that they have been noticed and if anyone walks past then, they could see them. 

Install CCTV

Just like with a monitored alarm system, getting CCTV installed is now something that you can monitor from your phone. CCTV is a significant deterrent factor anyway, but at the same time, thieves know that they can cover their faces or keep out of camera shot, so it’s important that this is not the only thing you have for your security. 

Use Locked Cabinets

If someone does manage to get onto your premises and into your office then you need to protect what you have in there. Make sure you have locked any important documents in a secure cabinet. If you lose any confidential documents, then this can be detrimental to your business. Data breaches can ruin a company’s reputation and cause customers to lose trust in you. Make sure you do have virtual copies of everything backed up an off-site hard drive or in the cloud too so that you can always access them if you need to. 

Join a ‘business watch’

Just like a neighbourhood watch scheme, there is also ‘business watch’ schemes you can join. These organisations mean that business owners and property owners look after each other and will alert the police and other organisations or if they see any suspicious activity. It’s also a good idea to go to meetings about security and learn from others on how to best secure your business.

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