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How To Improve Health & Safety In Your Warehouse

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Health and safety is an important consideration for any employer, especially in factories and warehouses. These types of workplaces often have more heavy machinery, moving equipment and stock. 

Employers are legally required to provide safe environments and training for their employees, but there is always room for improvement and it’s not uncommon for standards to slide a little when you’re super busy. 

You probably already have a good base of health and safety policies and training in place. These tips will help you improve even further. 

Tidy up

Clutter and rubbish are two things which can cause health and safety issues. Not only can they be a fire or tripping hazard, but they can also have a detrimental effect on productivity as employees struggle to find what they need to do their jobs. 

Have a good clear out of any areas that need it. Have a company such as CJJ Services redraw all of the zones and safety areas to make them more visible. 

Build the correct storage and disposal of rubbish and equipment into your procedures if you haven’t already. It’s much easier to keep things tidy by doing little tasks regularly, rather than letting it build up. 

Improve the ergonomics of your warehouse

The ergonomic flow of your warehouse has a huge effect on the overall health and safety of your workplace. This means structuring the work areas so that they are streamlined. This could be how your shelves and racking are arranged or the route through the warehouse. 

In addition to cutting health and safety incidences, it can also imporve efficiency too. 

Improve your shelves and racks

The bones of your warehouse are your storage. Planning and organising your shelving is vital in maintaining the safety of your workplace. Access and weight distribution must be taken into account to stop shelves breaking or collapsing. 

Inspect your shelving regularly and fix or replace any areas of damage or wear and tear. Specialist shelving bumpers can help prevent accidental damage and prolong the life of your racks. 

Improve your employee engagement

There are numerous benefits to having a happy and engaged workforce. Not only will productivity and turnover improve, but according to research by the Happiness Business School “companies with happy and engaged employees have 50% fewer workplace accidents” and “41% fewer quality defects”. 

Improving employee engagement is one of the most effective ways to make your business safer. 

If you’re not sure about how your employees feel, it’s time to find out. There are many ways to communicate with employees, including platforms like Peakon or Hive HR. These let you assess your engagement levels, so that you can identify any areas in which you need to improve. 

Key takeaways

There is always more you can do to improve health and safety in your warehouse. After all, the safety of your employees is paramount and failure to provide a safe environment could land you in serious legal trouble too. Don’t rest on your laurels when it comes to policies, always look for better ways to do things. 

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