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How to Create a Welcoming Reception for Clients

The reception is the first place the client sees in person that represents your company so it’s vital to make a good impression. This is a great first step to ensuring the client has a positive experience and develops confidence in your business. There are several simple things you can do by updating the furniture, temperature and visual branding materials in order to make a stylish and welcoming reception for your clients. 

Clean and Comfortable

First things first, make sure the reception area is immaculately clean at all times. Don’t however spray too many offensively smelling products or air fresheners. Keep the temperature regulated and make sure it’s comfortable, not too hot or cold. Try to do this is a more sustainable way by opening windows and refreshing the air in the room, rather than overdoing it with the heating and air-conditioning. Make sure the reception is well-insulated by having all the windows replaced with double-glazing and install carpets and rugs to add texture and warmth. 


Lighting is very important to people’s comfort. Try to utilize as much natural light as possible but if you have to rely on electricity opt for more energy-efficient LEDs. Think about where lights are facing as opposed to where people will be seated. 


Set up comfortable furniture and reading materials. Think about the type of clients you have. If you run a medical practice, how accessible is the furniture for older people, or people with disabilities? A large reception desk as a focal point should be a key feature of course. Companies such as Levitch can really help you out from the pre-design checks to full fit-out, specially designed for medical professionals. 

Friendly Faces

Ensure that the reception desk is clearly visible and the receptionists should be at eye level. Your fully-trained staff should be equipped to deal with any query in the quickest and friendliest way possible. A round desk for bigger reception areas could give more access to your clients. 

Company Branding

The reception area should represent your company so use to market your brand as well. Set up posters about company activity or notice board. This could be used to display projects such as volunteer work your company has done or environmentally-focused activities. Show that your company also has made a social contribution, as well as providing an excellent service. This will help to create a better impression. 

Your company branding should be consistent so that your clients can recognize it. Decorate the reception, including furniture in company colors and use the same colors and logos on social media and other digital marketing platforms. You should also develop a strong online presence that appropriately matches your facilities. 


More modern technology makes your company more appear more legit so even if you prefer a more rustic decor, compliment this with state-of-the-art technology. This will also help the reception to run more smoothly. This shouldn’t completely replace the human side of things however and it’s still vital there’s a friendly staff member waiting to greet your clients. 

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