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How To Avoid Making Corporate Decisions In The Dark

As outsiders looking in, it can be very easy to think that companies spend millions upon millions of dollars trying to persuade you to like what they’re doing. This is because it is true. However, it is not totally true, or at least, not totally complete. It’s important to remember that making corporate decisions in the dark can only lead to completely misreading the needs of the public, so before they try and convince you that they’re the best option, they need to know what you want.

This work goes largely behind the scenes except for the outreach that they have to take part in when trying to get a relatively representative test sample. As a business, it’s important to engage in this practice, even if you’re a relatively humble brand. Even an ice cream store in a small village will need to understand what flavors are most popular if they’re to survive, no matter how refined and eclectic the tastes of the owner might be.

To that end, it’s worth considering how to illuminate your way in the best manner possible. We think we have some advice to that end:

Survey Your Customers

Surveying your customers is an important part of learning not only what they want, but how they are reacting to your output. You can also glean worthwhile information via asking your staff these kinds of questions, too. With the best survey software, you can distil, approximate, and measure a range of feedback and do so in a means that is more than vague but measurable, specific, and targeted. In this way, you can curate information that is up to date, and may help influence your decisions going forward.

Judge Social Media Feedback

Judge the social media feedback you receive. While it may not be an easy and measurable means of trying to get the lay of the land, it can actually have quite a large impact regarding how you promote yourself, or in what the regularly raised issues are. If you find that you’re being clowned on every time you try to make a post, and people are enjoying that, then you may have some issues you need to tweak regarding your public image. This can serve as the temperature test.

Metrics Of Returns & Purchases

It can also be important to consider the cold, hard facts. How many people have made use of a promotion, or have returned a certain item? Might this expose flaws in your redemption process, or suggest warranty abuse? Do customers purchase items together, or singularly? What might this say about your library? Do you find that customers register their items with you, or not? How many purchases become repeat purchases? When you try and consider every metric you can, you can calculate the best approach going forward the next time. This in itself can help you gain a more confident view of your corporate future.

With this advice, we hope you can make corporate decisions with clarity.

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