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How Self-Service Technology Can Improve Customer Experience

Research shows about 60% of some consumers prefer solving service-related issues without calling customer service. Of course, more complicated service-related issues will require expert assistance. But self-service can enhance customer experience, especially with the right technology. And thankfully, there are loads of tech solutions businesses can choose from. But knowing how they can help your customers is important before selecting the right option for your business. So, here are four ways self-service technology can improve customer experience. 

  1. It brings an end to long lines

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Self-service can reduce long queues on business premises and even eliminate them. Some studies showed that about 60% of shoppers consider long queues their biggest source of frustration when shopping in-store. And keeping shoppers waiting, regardless of the reason, can quickly lead to revenue loss. Whether it’s about customers waiting in line to pay for or place an order, using self-service technology like digital kiosks can help improve service speed and end long lines in your store or business premise. That is especially beneficial for businesses in the service and hospitality industry that deal with high numbers of orders each month. If you operate a food service business, for example, investing in a hospitality app can allow your guests to easily browse, order, and pay without needing to first visit your establishment and join a queue.  

  1. It answers customer FAQs

You don’t want your customers waiting to get answers to questions and queries they may have. You can use self-service technology to create an information pool well segmented with a proper index of your products. This way, all a customer has to do is go through the information to find answers to specific questions they may have. And that will free your staff to address more complicated customer issues through instant chat services. And this leads to the next point.

  1. It enables seamless escalation

Some customers may not find the answers they need in your FAQ knowledge pool and will prefer to escalate to a more effective solution, like speaking to a company representative. It’s important to have a self-service option that allows your customers to decide how they prefer to express their concerns. For example, a customer may choose a live chat, escalate to a voice call, and even opt for a video call as the final resort. The availability of escalation options allows a customer to transition seamlessly from one solution to another. 

  1. It offers convenience

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The entire discussion about enabling self-service is to offer customers a more convenient way to shop. Your customers want to be able to access your services without any distractions or hassle. And a self-service tech solution offers a less tiring and intrusive solution customers can appreciate. Convenience here is used to refer to ease of access, availability, and service flexibility. Not only should it be available in any location, but it should also be available around the clock. It should also ensure that every customer has the same level of access. 

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