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Hotel Heaven: Accommodating Your Guests Made Easy

Client services are a fundamental feature of all businesses. When you run a hotel, however, providing a winning service is everything. Making your guests feel welcomed won’t only enhance their stay, it will enhance your reputation too. In turn, that can only lead to increased bookings from both repeat and new customers alike.

So how can you ensure that your guests maintain their smiles from check-in to check-out? Here’s all you need to know.

Start With Your Team

Even if you like to take a hands-on approach, you can’t possibly complete every client interaction. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are supported by a winning team.

I’m sure you’ve seen that iconic Richard Branson quote about how looking after your staff inspires them to look after the clients. Therefore, showing employees that you care should lead to a better and friendlier service for your guests. This is the perfect platform for accommodating a happy stay. Do not underestimate its influence.

Be Practical

Whether it’s for business or leisure, your guests deserve to feel comfortable. But if your facilities force them to encounter frustrating moments, they’ll leave feeling underwhelmed.

Guests should be able to move around the place with ease. Finding the best lift maintenance service for buildings of your ilk will go a long way to aiding your cause. After all, no visitors should need to walk up four or five flights of stairs just to reach their room, especially when they have luggage. Pay attention to external aspects like the car park too, and you will not go far wrong.

Promote The Area

A great hotel provides the basis of a fantastic trip, but most guests will want to enjoy the local attractions too. If you can actively enhance their activities, you should. It will not go unnoticed and could turn a pleasant experience into a great one.

Providing maps, taxi numbers, and other essentials at reception is a good starting point. However, you could even look at arranging special tours for your guests too. Not only will this give you a chance to show them the very best that your city has to offer. It will also create an additional source of income for your business.

Provide Additional Services

Operating tours is a great way to generate more revenue. However, the hotel itself offers many opportunities. Most guests want a little relaxation and luxury. Whether it’s opening a restaurant or a spa doesn’t matter. Those additional areas can bring the hotel to life.

You could even hire out the space to an external company and let them run the additional services. Either way, providing a greater on-site experience can only boost the reaction of your guests. But if you are advertising these items on your website and marketing materials, make sure that you deliver. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a hotel to find that they don’t provide everything you’ve been promised.


It might sound a little obvious, but the best way to ensure that customers have an enjoyable stay is to communicate. If you ask them what else you can do, then you’ll be able to provide the service they want. Moreover, it’s a clear display that you care. This in itself can go a long way to boosting their overall reaction.

Even if it’s something as simple as providing extra bath towels, it could make a world of difference to their stay. If it helps you gain repeat or additional business, you’d be a fool to let that opportunity pass.

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