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Hiring An Employee: Weeding Out The Good From The Bad

As a business owner, it is unlikely you can work alone. You will need quality people working alongside you, helping you turn your business into a success. But how can you find the right people? There are thousands of people looking for work, so how can you weed out the good from the bad? If you don’t have the time to manage recruitment yourself, find an interim HR solution to help you. However, it you prefer to forego the expense, and begin the hiring process yourself, we have some advice that might help.

Where to begin?

There are many places where you can advertise for an employee. Job sites such as Indeed are a start, as are business networking sites such as LinkedIn. However, you need to consider some important aspects. Do you want to employ somebody full or part time? What job skills are you looking for. You need to create a job description for the post, so be certain of the job role before you advertise. Then you need to research employment law. Planning is vital in hiring the right employee.

The application process

Before you interview a person, you need them to go through an application process. An application form is rarely used these days, so consider asking the applicant for their c.v. From here, you can determine the qualifications and skills they possess for the job. Do they have the experience necessary for the role you are offering? Do they display a willingness to learn new skills in their personal profile? These are some indications of suitability.

Check previous employment

The applicant may have a way with words on the c.v or in an interview, but does their previous employment tally up with what they are saying? Usually, you will ask for a reference from their last employer, and they will give an account of the employee’s worth as a member of staff. You should also look at the employment history on the c.v.  How long did they stay in each job? Somebody with a poor track record in holding down a job will not be the most reliable employee, whatever reason they had for leaving previous posts.

Interview stage

This is the stage where you put a face to the c.v and is an ideal way to get to know the employee further. These are some of the best interview questions you can ask, but pay attention to the answers. The applicant may have good things to say, but how passionate are they? If they show a keenness to work with you, and they have done their homework into your company, then these are positive signs that they are the right employees for you. However, you also need to find somebody you can work well with. While personality isn’t everything, you do want somebody you can spend time with on a regular basis.


There is more to hiring an employee than what we have covered, but the above are the basic steps needed to help you find the best candidate for the position you are offering.

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