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Is a Hermit-Inspired Lifestyle Right for You?

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The official definition of a hermit is a person who lives in solitude, usually for religious reasons. It sounds like a lonely way of life and, unless you have an internet connection and a computer, a very boring one too. While living life as a hermit might not be the greatest idea, we can at least take some inspiration from the hermit lifestyle and incorporate it into our own living ideas.

For instance, if your job in the city involves dealing with a lot of clients, a lot of talking and occasionally some shouting, then it’s not uncommon to feel like you just want to withdraw into your shell to relax, take a break and be alone with a while. It doesn’t have to be on your own either. You could take your family or some friends, go off on a relaxing holiday and get away from the city life for a while.

But if you enjoy the idea of living away from the city, then how about investing in a hermit-inspired lifestyle? Of course, you wouldn’t need to live in solitude a thousand miles away from civilisation, but having a second home away from the city or simply moving further out of the city can be a huge boon to your life—it’s an opportunity to discover yourself again.

Living away from the city

One of the biggest advantages of a hermit-inspired lifestyle is moving away from polluted cities. However, this often comes with typical disadvantages, such as not being close to local amenities that you’re used to in the city. You probably won’t find supermarket chains, there probably isn’t much public transportation, and you might need a bike or a smaller vehicle to get around more efficiently. You might miss city comforts such as fast food deliveries and fast internet connections, meaning it will take some adjustment.

Tranquil environment

Moving away from the city usually means that you’re moving closer to nature, and when there’s nature involved, there’s tranquillity and serenity. For instance, if you look at mountain homes for sale, you’ll see amazing views that you couldn’t hope to see in the middle of a city, even if you lived in a penthouse suite. There are beautiful lakes that you can swim and fish in, there are wonderful forests that are full of adventure, and you might even be lucky enough to find a home near a large and empty plot of land that is ripe for recreation.

Picking and choosing your confrontations

It’s understandable that you might get sick of dealing with people if your job involves talking a lot. Thankfully, a hermit-inspired lifestyle means you can pick and choose your confrontations. Since you live away from civilisation, you won’t bump into many people when you visit a store, you won’t have neighbours to speak with and you can live in peace for the duration of your stay. Of course, it’s different if you take your family and friends with you, but there’s no denying the advantages of being able to pick who you want to talk to and who you want to avoid.

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