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Giving Users A Better Experience Online

Giving every user the best possible experience when they visit your website should be your main priority as an internet based business person. In a physical store, you can easily see the reactions on a customers face, and also at what moment they enter and exit, whereas this is much more difficult to discover online. You have to be more creative and innovative if you want to provide a great service for every customer that encourages them to remember their experience and want to visit your website regularly – luckily, there are a few top tips that can help to get you started!


Use Cookies For Personalisation 

One of the most beneficial features you can include on your businesses website is cookies. Essentially, when a user visits your site their own small text package is created, and is subsequently filled with information specific to them. This information can consist of their different habits whilst interacting and browsing, log in details like username and password as well as what they might be drawn to. Having all of this information at your fingertips can give you what you need to improve and personalise every users experience, and you may want to see how to bring real-time web tracking in to Salesforce to identify how you can maximise the efficiency of the whole process. 

See From Another Perspective 

By putting yourself in the shoes of the user and visiting your site from different devices regularly, you can get a better idea of how your website actually feels for people on the other side of the screen. Though this may be beneficial up to a certain point, you must make an effort to see from another perspective and stay in touch with your average visitor by regularly carrying out testing to gain reviews and feedback, but only using people from outside of your business. Exclusively testing your website on employees or colleagues will simply produce a biased opinion that is pretty much the same throughout – this is why you need diversity in age, gender, background, etc. in order to have a wide range of differing viewpoints. 

Make Your Site Reliable

If your website is unreliable, whether this means broken links, badly written code or loading errors, you will lose business as a result. Cutting corners in an attempt to save money in costs will only end up making you lose out on profit when you encounter problems in the future, so make the initial effort in order to lay the foundations for the future of your website. Constantly patching over holes will end up taking more time and funds then if you were to ensure your sites reliability on its first release rather than months down the line, so testing is key to restoring good levels of reliability. 

Being able to provide your users with the best possible experience on your website will give you more than just profit, as your reputation and motivation with see an improvement too. What are you waiting for?

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