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In The Future, Your Home Might Have Personality As Well As Character

Investors in the real estate market are always looking for new ways to make a return. Traditionally, this has been done through letting out offices or flipping apartments. But in the future, real estate technologies are going to explode onto the scene, driving down the price of new builds and hopefully, making home ownership something that is affordable once more.

But that’s not all. The future is a strange place, and all sorts of weird and wonderful things that seem far fetched today will more than likely happen. Take a look at these ways real estate is going to change dramatically in the future.

Houses With Personalities

Architects are always looking for new ways to include technology in the home. Over the last decade or so, we saw a significant move towards making homes green, but this wasn’t exactly what we typically think of as futuristic. Yes, it was cool that we got windows that could keep the warmth in during the winter and the heat out during the summer, but it wasn’t game-changing.

But now that AI has developed to the point where it is actually useful, things are changing. There’s the distinct possibility that our houses will not only have character in the usual sense of the world but personality too – literally. Architects are working with AI experts to make architecture more responsive and more intelligent. In fact, basic systems are already being implemented in places like Dubai, where intelligent systems react to conditions in the surrounding environment. Windows turn opaque, doors open automatically, and buildings revolve to give residents a full 360-degree view of the city.

Cheaper And Quicker Design

In the future it’s going to be easier for architects to find BIM services, otherwise known as building information modeling for those of you out of the loop. This is going to slash costs for both contractors and architects because, finally, they are going to be able to work together on design elements. Once everybody has access to the same schematics, changes can be made on the fly and contractors can consult with architects about practical changes they need to make to the build. Every change that is made using the software is communicated to all parties, meaning that everybody has access to the final plans for the building.

Cramming More People Into More Space

The city of Manila has the highest population density of anywhere on Earth. 42,857 people live in every square kilometer meaning that space is at a premium. The challenge at the moment is to find a way to enable people to live comfortably in smaller spaces. The problem is that nobody wants to move into a smaller apartment, so what’s the solution?


Architecture company Morph Lab thinks that it has a solution. The idea is to make tiny apartments much larger by making them more like Dr Who’s Tardis. Their solution is to create one piece of furniture that can be used for everything, from bedding down at night, to working at a desk to transforming into the kitchen.

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