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Faux Pas? For Shame! Event Planning Mistakes To Avoid


Businesses are using everything in their power to market their brand these days, and one of the most popular is an event. It isn’t hard to see why corporate events are so popular. For one thing, they get everyone with power in one room. Plus, they are relaxing so it is easier to talk business. If that isn’t enough, events are also as effective for small businesses as they are big ones. When the stakes the high, a lot of bosses turn to corporate events because they know they work. If you are planning on throwing a soiree, you should know a couple of things mainly that they don’t always go to plan. Yes, they have plenty of advantages, but they also have negatives when things turn sour. To stop them from turning sour, you need to avoid these mistakes. Then, hopefully, your party will go according to plan.

Don’t Just Throw A Party

The biggest mistake you can make is throwing a party. Sure, the event must have the feel of a party, but it can’t just be a party. The people that go to an event have expectations and you must meet them if you want the night to go well. For example, you could invite everyone from the tech industry and focus on cars all night. The two clearly don’t go together, and your guests won’t get anything from the party. It is a bit like going to watch Beyonce but you have to watch Seasick Steve instead. Your event must deliver the right message to the people in the room, and to do that you must consider your target audience. A corporate event is the same to any other marketing ploy in this sense.

Don’t Forget The Luxury

Even if your brand isn’t luxurious, there is no harm in adding a bit of luxury as long as it isn’t the main thing. The good thing about luxury is that people respond it in a majority of cases because they don’t live in luxury most of the time. So when they do, they love it even more. The design should be clean and striking anyway, but there are small modifications to make. A chandelier, for instance, is quite subtle yet striking at the same time. According to Elegance Toilet Hire, the toilets are also another good example. Toilets have a stigma of being dirty, so when they are clean they look even more luxurious. It is important to not go over the top, but a little bit of luxury does go a long way.

Picking The Wrong Room

Far too many planners pick the wrong room and it ruins the whole event. The room is pivotal to your objectives, so you have to treat it with respect. What that means is you shouldn’t pick the first one you see. It might be perfect, and it you might pick it in the end, but it is still irresponsible. You need to see a range of options before you make the final decision. Also, think about your brand and your message. Again, these aspects dictate the entire party and tie in seamlessly to the best events. For example, an ‘indie’ company shouldn’t hire a huge ballroom. Everything about a ballroom doesn’t fit with the core beliefs of the company, and that’s why it’s a mistake.

Never Stop Circulating

The reason for an event is to talk to and impress people you normally wouldn’t have contact with. So, don’t let the opportunity slip through your grasp. A lot of planners are too busy organising the party and forget about socialising, but that is a bad move. Organising is important, but you have to make time to circulate. You don’t have to stay long as you only need a minute to introduce yourself and make small talk. Then, it is on to the next one and the next one and the next one. The event is your shot; make sure you grab it with both hands.

Don’t Be Weak

The phrase ‘it’s my party and I can cry if I want to’ doesn’t apply here. It is your party and you have to stay strong for that reason. There will be times when it all seems like it is going to fall, but you must have a clear mind and confront them head on. The more fires you put out, the less chance there is of your party burning down. A good thing to remember is that your guests won’t even notice if something isn’t right.

Events are tough, and to get them right you have to operate at a high level.

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