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Excellent Tech Investments For The New Year

The Christmas decorations are up, and 2017 is just around the corner. That was quick, wasn’t it? Like everyone, I’m sure you’re very aware of how dependent on tech we are in modern times, both in business and in our day-to-day lives. With wearable tech skyrocketing in popularity and Amazon poised to start delivering packages by drone, it certainly doesn’t pay to be tech-shy in late 2016! If you want to ride the profitable wave of tech we’re experiencing, here are a few smart investments to consider.

3D Printing

The invention and ongoing development of 3D printing is certainly something you shouldn’t ignore. This is the first development of this magnitude we’ve seen for decades. For the first time in history, businesses and individuals are able to come up with completely unique concepts for 3D objects, and then create them with a few clicks of a mouse. While this tech is still in its infancy, there’s a whole range of applications which are being toyed with, both in the modern business arena and people’s private lives. If you have the capital and an interest in the way 3D printing is going, then this tech can be a hugely lucrative investment. There are countless small 3D printing services out there, many of which have the potential to be giants with a little elbow grease!

Cloud Computing

Since cloud computing was first conceived and released, it’s exploded in popularity. More and more businesses switch their in-house data solutions over to the cloud every day, and we’re seeing a growing, general emphasis on web based tech applications as opposed to physical ones. This technology has made countless processes faster and more convenient, and despite a brief security panic in its early days, has proven itself to be extremely useful in the event of a remote emergency. There are countless services such as BackupVault which are gaining more and more traction as business owners start to see the range of preventative benefits that come with using the cloud. Put your money in the right firm, and you’ll see some massive returns!

Personalized Medicine

If you want to make a smart investment while benefiting humanity as a whole, then this tech niche may the perfect one for you. Thanks to various leaps forward in the world of healthcare, it’s now possible for patients to be treated in advance for conditions that are likely to spring up in the future. For the first time, people will have access to medicines that are designed specifically for their bodies and their needs. After enough development, this innovation is expected to eliminate the issue of medicines which don’t mesh with a person’s genetic makeup. While it’s still in its infancy, no medical professional will deny the massive potential in personalized medicine. Ironing out all the kinks and obstacles it’s currently facing will take research, and research takes money. Invest in this niche, and you may end up benefiting from it in more ways than financially!

If you were looking for a bright new technology to invest in, I hope this post pointed you in the right direction.

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