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How an Estate Agent can Really Help You Sell Your Property

How an Estate Agent can Really Help You Sell Your Property

People – both sellers and buyers – often have mixed feelings about estate agents. Some hate them, some love them, and most approach agents with a blend of apprehension and hope. Many of these feelings may be justified, but often they are misplaced. The fact is that real estate agents are indispensible in the property business, and they perform a crucial role.

There’s a lot more to selling property than meets the eye, and bringing buyer and seller together to the mutual satisfaction of both parties is not always a straightforward matter. Do you have some real estate that you plan to put on the market? Here’s how an estate agent can really help you sell your property.

What an estate agent does

An estate agent is an invaluable resource when it comes to selling property. Often people shy away because the traditional high street estate agents do require commission (although the online estate agents do not), but the expense of hiring an agent more than makes up for what they actually do.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to be gained by employing the services of an estate agent. Here are just some of the major ones:

  • Fair market value. Your estate agent probably knows a lot more about houses than you do, and is probably able to gauge the fair price of your residence better; especially because they are familiar with current trends and market swings.


  • Marketing property. Due to the network they have built up through the business or years of experience, their marketing efforts will be more effective and efficient than if you were to try it yourself.


  • Assessing buyers. Not all buyers are serious buyers (and non-serious buyers are a waste of time). Real estate agents are able to distinguish between those who are worth your time in terms of willingness and ability to buy.


  • Negotiations. Negotiating is an art form by itself; you have the full benefit of a skilled negotiator.


  • Legal assistance. The legal issues should never be underestimated – it’s good to have a person experienced in the field assist you.


  • Expert advice. How do you make sure your house looks the best it possibly could be to attract buyers and convince them on viewing time? Your agent can help.


For buyers, there are also many advantages, of course – buying and appraising property for sale can at times be a tricky venture. However, the seller ultimately gains the most advantage, because the estate agent, especially online estate agents, can sell their home for them and only ask for a set fee, not a percentage or commission on the property’s selling price. So if you are seriously asking yourself, ‘How can I sell my home?’ then an estate agent can offer the answer you need..

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