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Essential Health And Safety Tips For Your Office Car Park

Health and safety regulations can be frustrating for businesses and it seems like you have to jump through a lot of hoops. But you have a responsibility to look out for your employees, which means doing everything you can to improve health and safety. However, there are some areas of the office that often get overlooked, like the car park. 

There are a lot of potential health and safety issues in your office car park so it’s important that you pay attention and make changes to keep employees safe. These are some of the best health and safety tips for your office car park. 

Clear Markings 

Clear markings are important in the car park so people know which way the traffic is flowing. If you haven’t updated your car park for a long while, there is a chance that the markings have faded, which is dangerous for a few reasons. Firstly, cars may go around the wrong way and potentially cause accidents. People also don’t know which way the cars are coming when they are crossing the car park, which increases the risk of pedestrians getting hit by cars. You need to find a line marking specialist (like this one at jointline.co.uk) and have them update the markings. It’s also a good idea to increase the size of your spaces to reduce the chance of accidents as well. 

Good Lighting 

During the winter, it’s likely that your employees will be leaving work while it’s dark, so lighting is very important. Poor lighting decreases visibility for drivers and increases the chance of accidents. It also increases the risk of crime in and around the office because it’s easier for burglars to approach the building. A few simple lights around the car park will make a huge difference to safety and help to protect your office. Visit dwwindsor.com for some great tips on car park lighting. 

Clear Signposts 

Maintaining the flow of traffic around the car park is very important if you want to make the area safe for drivers and pedestrians. The markings on the ground are a part of this but you also need clear signposts. This will help to make sure that everybody knows which way they should be driving and also point out things like pedestrian crossings so they know to slow down. Having clear signposts is particularly important if you are hosting clients at the office because they will not know the layout of the car park. 

Pedestrian Walkways 

Creating pedestrian walkways is the most effective way to reduce the risk of accidents. If you can create separate areas using markings, so pedestrians can easily walk from their car to the office building without having to cross in front of other cars, you make the car park a lot safer. In areas where they do need to cross, make sure that there are clearly marked crossings. 

Although your employees have some level of responsibility for their own safety in the outdoor areas of your office, it’s still up to you to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to prevent accidents and injuries. Follow these simple tips to make your office car park a lot safer. 

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