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Employer Branding- Simple Ways to Stay On Top

Many business owners can confess that attracting and keeping top talent is one of their biggest headaches. The competition, cost, and technological changes have all contributed to this problem. The good news is that there are solutions to these issues, one of which is employer branding.

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Many people believe it’s a form of PR designed for social media. However, its true purpose is much deeper than that. It has relevance in every step of the hiring and employee retention process. Here are ways to make it work 

Create an Attractive Work Environment

As competition builds up, many job candidates want to know the work environment is conducive, comfortable, and safe. It all depends on the type of company you run but make sure you have the basics such as comfortable offices with enough space and furniture. 

You can work with office fit-outs experts such as officefitoutsaustralia.com.au to create the right effect. Well-lit offices, top-of-the-range equipment, rest areas, a great outdoor experience, and innovative designs all add to the attractiveness of your company.

Learn Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is a suitable identifier. You need to understand how the candidates think, what they look for in an employer, and what matters most. This helps you identify their values enabling you to build attraction towards your brand.

Have Competitive Packages

Today’s job seekers want much more than an attractive paycheck. They’re looking for better work conditions, benefits, and insurance. Speaking of salary, it should be on point, above the market average.

You don’t want to pay peanuts because most job seekers will move elsewhere, leaving you with a talent shortage. Business owners can work with payroll experts to find the right package for the intended talent.

Carry Out an Employer Brand Audit

It’s good to take a step back and do an employer brand audit. What are the strengths of your business? What can be improved? These questions help you create the best employer branding strategy that works for your company. 

What does it feel like working for you? Encourage your current employees to express their thoughts and concerns. Other things to check are employee turnover, motivation, and productivity levels. If your clients are satisfied, it means that your workforce is also satisfied.

Know your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The EVP is what you bring to the table as an employer, and it determines whether the job candidate will decide to join you or not. It’s vital because competition will enable you to stand out from other employers.

To create your EVP research on what your competitors offer and the job candidates’ expectations. It’s also important to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. This will help you create the best EVP for your business.

Make it Easy for Candidates to Apply

Candidates are busy people, so make things simple by creating an online application form, emailing CVs directly to a designated mailbox for easy retrieval, or set up a social media account that enables them to get in touch with you. 

Being friendly and encouraging engagement works well, but there’s a fine line between being too comfortable and pushy. Remember, your target market is looking for something more than engagement so keep it professional. 

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