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There is a certain stigma attached to investments. One that says only a certain type of person can partake. But with the advent of the internet and the like investing has become easier to access than ever before. It is so easy to log on and check out the multitude of investment opportunities available. No longer is it the sole property of the rich and powerful, now pretty much anyone can do it. You need some capital, and a huge amount of the right sort of knowledge to be successful here. Yet at least it is open for you. The following opportunities are logical investments to make for the beginner which are open for all. You may have considered some of them before, just be sure to properly research each one before parting with your hard earned cash.


Anyone can buy gold, the trick is buying low and selling high. You need to be sure you get a good price, and buy from somewhere reputable that sells good quality stamped gold that is certified, check out the United States Gold Bureau for more information. The benefit with gold is that you can actually hold something physical in your grip, unlike stocks and the like. You need to do your research though. There are all kinds of trends to follow and subscribe too, however you need to be careful because trends fluctuate, nothing is set in stone. You may need to change something down the line and react to prices. For example, if the price surges to an unknown height you would be better off selling up than hanging onto it.


Again, another kind of investment that shows physical ownership. Art is tricky, and best left to the pro’s, however it is easily accessible. The trick here is finding something you think is nice and will adorn your home, but also will increase in value. To find these is hard and you need knowledge of the industry. But if it is a passion it may just be right for you. You can find some interesting pieces here. Again, tow the line between art you personally like and art you think will increase in value. Use your heart and brain in equal measure for the best chances of success. Ask questions, do your research, look at art history.

Some people call this betting, and it isn’t far off. You are essentially trading stocks in a different way, in declaring whether the stock will go up or down. You can do this with ease on many platforms. Pick one that offers the best protection, even if you are having to pay for it. Watch out for ones with high commision or you will end up with little profit even when successful. The trick is not to put money on a hunch or feeling, but solid research. It beats trading stocks because of its immediacy. But again, don’t let it suck you in. Research wins here, otherwise you are just betting.

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