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Your Dream Lifestyle: Best Places To Make Money From Property

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If you’re thought about making investing in property, then you’ve probably considered investing in a property abroad too, and why wouldn’t you. A lot of the time, property abroad offers better rates of growth, higher rent and, best of all, you’ll have a place to holiday when it’s unoccupied. This could be the best investment your retirement will ever know.

The problem is, where do you buy? There are so many options. So to help you with your decision, below we have compiled a guide of places to invest, places that will see you make money from your investment.

America The Great

This giant has finally woken up. After being hit by the recession all those years ago, America has finally seen a steady rise in the property market and, according to some of the world’s leading banks, the USA now offers the best value for money. But America is a pretty sizeable place, so where should you be looking? Well, places on the coast, such as California, New York and Florida are all on the rise, but there are some other cities worth looking at too, like Chicago. All of these places could see rises in up to twenty per cent by 2018. Of course, when buying in America, there are certain criteria you need to meet and regulations you must adhere to. The best way to ensure you comply with these is to speak to an experienced EB-5 lawyer; they’ll help you explore your options.

The Best Of Brazil

In the last year alone, Brazil has enjoyed a 20-24% rise in its house prices; the largest increase in the world. That’s partly to do with the role it has played on the global stage having hosted the FIFA World Cup and then the Olympics, both of which have encouraged its economy to soar. The trick with purchasing here is research. Check out the numbers, see where people are flying to, see where they are visiting, see where they are renting. But to help you out, we have identified a few hotspots; Rio de Janeiro, Natal and Sao Paulo.

Excellent Estonia

You probably have pre-determined ideas about Estonia, but you can drop those hesitations right now. There are plenty of reasons that make this place a great place to buy, especially in the fast up and coming capital city of Tallinn. Part of the reason for this boost is golf. Golf is taking off there. What’s more, you’ll be able to offer well-under the asking price (sometimes up to 20% under), which makes Estonia and even more attractive option.


The Alps Are Awesome

Yeah, prices are high, but there are fantastic rental opportunities in these mountain resorts. There is the option to rent out your place week-to-week, or lease it to a chalet company for a whole season, no hassle. What’s more, in recent years there has been an increase in summer mountain sports, such as mountain-biking and hiking, meaning your investment won’t just see a rental income from December to April.

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