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Digital Marketing Mistakes Which Will Ruin Any Campaign

If digital marketing is all new to you, then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! In recent years, digital marketing has become more or less a given for any modern business. The first place most consumers go to find any kind of product is Google, and if you’re not cropping up in their search results then you’re going to be hard pressed to make any big sales. Before you rush in, here are some common and damaging mistakes that need to be avoided.

Tackling Content Marketing by Yourself

By now, you’ve probably heard the saying “content is king” from many different sources. It’s no secret that creating unique digital content is key to marketing success, no matter what kind of business you’re running. However, it’s a huge mistake for you to read a little about it and assume that it’s easy to do yourself. While there may have been a time when content marketing was a simple affair, those days are over. The brands that have had the most success from their content marketing typically have a whole crew of people supporting them – copywriting teams, SEO experts, webmasters, and so on. Unless you’ve got a solid background in marketing (in which case you’re probably not reading this!) it’s important to get all the help you need and avoid stretching your resources too thin.

Weighing Yourself Down with Information

With all the potential in big data, it’s pretty hard not to be drawn in by the allure of it. However, if you pour a load of your resources into collecting as much customer data as possible, without any plan as to how you’re going to use it, then you’re sure to regret it in the long run. It’s fairly common for a lot of business owners to get sucked into a drive to measure all that data, without considering the bigger picture. Of course, you’re free to analyze the effectiveness of every ad you publish, but without a thorough understanding of what it’s meant to accomplish, that data is pretty unlikely to add any real value to the marketing strategy you’re pursuing. Take a more empirical approach, and don’t waste your time and money on analytics without a firm end goal in mind.

Pushing Retargeting Too Far

Retargeting, often called remarketing, is a tool which a lot of marketers use to get customers who have already visited a website to come back again, thereby increasing the likelihood that they’ll convert on the second time around. If you’ve ever seen an ad in the borders of your web browser for a website that you’ve already visited, then that business is probably using retargeting. When retargeting is applied properly, it can be an exceedingly powerful tactic with high ROI. However, by and large, your customer base is going to be much less enthusiastic about your retargeting efforts than you are. If you really want to make retargeting work for your business, it’s important to apply it in moderation.


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