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Four Cutting Edge Options For Smart Investors

Success in investing is all about buying low and selling high. However, the investment market is a fluid and constantly changing thing. That is why to make the real money you need to say as up to date with the new developments as you can. To help you do this here are three of the most cutting-edge investment markets and some information about how to invest in them.


Possible the most cutting edge of the bunch, investing in Bitcoin is definitely something you can make some money at if you know what you are doing. Therein lies the problem really, because although the investment part is pretty simple and you can buy your first Bitcoin easily, the whole complexity and alien nature of a decentralised, digital currency is something that can put a lot of people off.

Bitcoin investing is one cutting edge option that can make you money. Picture source

It seems unreal to many, even though you can actually buy physical Bitcoin if you choose, and some folks worry that their money could just disappear into the ether of the Internet. Perhaps it’s that Bitcoin isn’t endorsed by a specific banking chain, and it’s not accepted as payment universally yet, that also make investor’s dubious about sinking their money into it.

However, this is resulting in many missed opportunities for profit because the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, its worldwide acceptance, and quick transfer times means it is becoming more and more of an in-demand service. Something that means the value of individual Bitcoins is set to rise, making them in either in part or in whole a clever investment choice.  

Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is another contemporary investment opportunity that should be considered for your portfolio. The idea is that normal people lend money to others, instead of them going to a bank for a loan.

As an investor, you would provide Capital or partial Capital for a business to borrow at a specific rate. It is the fact that you can set your own interest rate that is a real boon here, as you can predict the rate of profit you will make as the lender pays you back. It’s a pretty simple model, and because lenders don’t need any capital such as property to get a loan, it is becoming even more popular.

There are plenty places that you can conduct peer to peer lending online such as Rate Setter and SocietyOne. It is also seen as one of the most ethical investment choices as it helps to stimulate the economy, and you have more control over who your money goes to.


Obviously, the tech industry continues to boom at the moment, with many consumers and business looking forward to using new developments such as VR, drones, and AI in their day to day lives. This is something that makes it a good bet for investing your money. Although you do need to realise that like all type of investment there is no guarantee that you will make and not lose your investment here.

In fact, the tech market is especially vulnerable to such risks because it can be incredibly difficult to pick the right company or product to back. After all, the idea of glasses that let you search the Internet and communicate with others seems like Genius, fit for science fiction. While a watch that you can read your texts on and monitor your exercise seems pretty basic. However the latter continues to pay off for Apple, and the former has been pronounced a total failure for Google!

To help you invest wisely, it can really pay off to do your research on both the products and the actual company itself, as well as how it does business. This is because the way a company acts is something that can affect the final success of the product, almost as much as the item itself. Something that will have an impact on whether you come out with any profits at the end.

Drones may be a future growth market. Image source

Areas, in particular, to watch in the coming year include AI or artificial intelligence software and associated hardware and accessories that can be used in the workplace or in the home. VR is also set to be big as well. Both in entertainment and for sales purposes, and any tech that can make the experience more concrete and less centred on the visual side of things may be worth investigating.  Drones too, after an initial panic surrounding them, are something that could prove to be a clever investment, especially in relation to delivery service for larger companies.  

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