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Cruelty-Free Investment: Why Animal Healthcare Needs You!

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Agriculture is one of the places that most people don’t think about investing in. Farming is a huge part of our economy and it’s not just a passing fad. It’s also more solid than an investment in precious metals. People will always need to eat, and so farming is right up there with necessities in life. If you are looking for a way to invest your money, then investing in animal healthcare should absolutely be something you look into. Farming isn’t just wheat and corn fields. It’s the raising and breeding of animals for meat, wool and dairy products. To be able to do this, we need to have animals in the best health and eating the best food that can be grown for them. This means that we need investors in the animal healthcare industry, and that could be you. It may not have been something you considered before, so why not take a look at the reasons we’ve put together for you. Hopefully, you’ll see the potential here!

Reason 1: Money.

Did you know that animal healthcare is a $100billion market? It’s not a tiny part of the healthcare industry, it’s huge. Money makes the world go around, but in agriculture it’s a necessity! Keeping farm animals being bred for dairy, meat and wool in good health is a big business. Your investment in the right food, supplements and farm in general is important, and you can click here to read about the products you could be investing in. According to this report, the market for animal vaccinations is alone worth $22billion – can you imagine having a piece of that investment?

Reason 2: Compassion.

With an investment in animal healthcare, you’re ensuring that food and grains are being developed for people across the world. You are literally a big part of what will keep the world going, and that type of eco-friendly investment puts you in an incredibly good light. People that invest in animal healthcare are going to be helping farmers to avoid the widespread diseases that are often prevalent in animal farming. This means more food, more production and less disease. You’re literally feeding the world.

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Reason 3: Health.

We’re talking about animal health here, but have you considered that if you are investing in animal healthcare, you’re ensuring the continued health of the human race? We eat animal meat, drink milk products from various animals and we wear clothing made with the wool and skin of those animals. The healthier the animals, the better our own health. About 60% of all human pathogens are transferred from one species to another. Think about avian flu, CJD and infections. These originate from unhealthy animals that are used to keep us fed. Healthy animal investment means investing in yourself.

There are, of course, many other reasons to invest in the animal healthcare market, but the reasons we’ve listed above are hopefully compelling enough to help you see that your investment in the animal healthcare market is very much worth your while.

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