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Every Little Counts: How to Improve Your Business Property Investments on a Budget

If you’ve been investing for a long period of time then you’ve no doubt got a lot of money stored up for the sake of making even more money. In this situation, it’s difficult to justify extra work to save a couple of extra dollars. However, squeezing every little bit of money from an investment is a great way to prepare yourself for future investments. You can throw money at a problem but the fact remains: you can’t always rely on throwing money to make more money. There are times when a simple change or improvement to a business office can turn a “maybe” into a resounding “yes!” from your potential buyers.

Stop throwing money away and consider getting your hands dirty. To give you a headstart, here are some of the best ways to improve your investments on a budget.


Most business properties are sold based on their location and the space they offer. In short, a small office in a prime location will cost far more than a large property at a remote location. This is just how investments work. Sought after locations will no doubt be more expensive, and cheaper locations will be up for grabs for any budding business owner that doesn’t think the location matters for their industry.

One of the cheapest ways to improve the space in your office is to consult a service like Armstrong Steel to help you design and pre-fabricated steel buildings that can act as extensions on your business properties. Not only is it cheap and effective at increasing the price of your property, but they require very little maintenance, it’s incredibly fast and easy to install, and you don’t have to get your hands dirty by setting it up yourself. This tactic makes it much easier to squeeze extra profit from a high-value property in a prime location, but you always have to consider planning permissions if you are developing additional space on your plot of land.


Office Comforts

Many business owners don’t want to deal with extra wait time to install services like dedicated phone lines, electricity management and internet services and they’d be willing to pay extra for an office that comes pre-furnished and ready to go. To help improve the price for your property, why not pre-install these systems and lay the foundation for an office that can simply be moved into and set up within a single day? The faster your business property can be moved into, the more likely people will pay extra money just to have an office space that will work immediately.

Making the move smooth for your potential buyer is a sure way to justify increasing the prices for your office. You can install air conditioning, desks, chairs and other office comforts to save your buyer having to go through that trouble themselves. The next step is to advertise your office as “ready” to move into by explaining that everything is setup and all the office needs to be fully functional is computers, staff members and a boss.

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