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The Best Countries to Invest in Renewable Energies

Renewable energy is a great choice for investment in the current climate. Countries around the world are making huge efforts to clean up their act. Many of them have just signed the Paris Agreement, which requires them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. However, deciding where to invest isn’t necessarily easy. People who may have been considering the US could now be wary, now that Donald Trump, who has previously denied climate change, will soon be president. Fortunately, there are many other countries striving to create better clean energy policies. Try some of the following countries to find somewhere to invest.

South America

There are several countries in South America that are excellent choices for green energy investment. Nations such as Peru, Bolivia and Colombia have taken huge strides in the development of their renewables policies. Colombia is investing in wind power and has the potential for solar power investment. Peru offers low pricing on renewables, particularly for solar energy, and has great potential for wind power too. Ecuador is also a promising opportunity, with no barriers to the private sector. Events like the Andes Renewable Energy Conference aim to tell investors more about what’s happening in the region and how they can benefit.


Some of the countries in Europe are taking the lead in renewable energies. In 2015, Germany spent $8.5 billion on renewables. Meanwhile, the UK spent an impressive $22.2 billion. Some European nations are just beginning to increase their spending, making them great choices for anyone looking for an investment. Many countries will also be making further changes thanks to the Paris Agreement. However, this year several governments did make cuts to green energy initiatives to save money. This has meant that some investors have moved away from the region. Anyone considering investment in Europe needs to do plenty of research.


Many people may not see Africa as a likely continent to start investing in renewables. However, several countries have begun to create green policies. Morocco was the location of discussions on ratifying the Paris Agreement this year. The country has the world’s largest concentrated solar plant, which recently opened its first phase. It also has wind and hydro plants. Together, these renewable sources should provide half of the country’s electricity by 2020. South Africa also recently made a push to invest in renewables, spending $4.5 billion in 2015. Other key locations include Kenya and Uganda.


China is the leader in renewable energy investment. They are the largest manufacturer of wind and solar equipment and are taking huge steps to improve their climate policy. They are often the first choice for renewable investment. However, China isn’t the only country in Asia spending money on clean energy. India is another notable nation, having spent $10.2 billion in 2015. Japan has invested even more in renewable energy, spending $36.2 billion last year. These countries are also interesting options for investment.

There are many excellent choices for green energy projects around the world. Anyone interested in investing should make sure to consider their options.

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