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Don’t Let Your Cash Flow Hit an Iceberg

All sorts of people in all sorts of walks of life are going to experience cash flow problems at some point. People who work nine to five jobs experience cash flow problems. Owners of startup businesses experience cash flow problems. And even owners of market leading businesses experience cash flow problems. As much as you can try to keep your head above water you are sometimes going to be dragged along by a cash flow problem. So, it’s not necessarily about steering clear of the flow, it’s about how you deal with the situation once you’re in it. It’s about being able to steer clear of the iceberg that is bankruptcy or liquidation.


There are always better options that bankruptcy, you just have to know where to look. Yes, owing bills is not nice. And yes, owing bills and not being able to increase your personal revenue is even worse. But instead of steering your business and livelihood straight into the iceberg of bankruptcy you should seek help. One such example of the help out there is that which is offered by debt management professionals. By getting in touch with a professional in this field you will be able to find ways to alleviate the stress of your financial fiasco. These sorts of professionals will help you to come up with a debt management solution. Here’s how to create a debt management solution you can be proud of when working with a professional in the field: take advantage of the credit counselling services they offer and pay off your debt in 36 to 60 months, and keep collection calls off your back whilst you’re at it; learn from them the difference between a debt management program and debt management plan; and understand what a debt ratio is and how to get the odds back in your favour. These sorts of professionals will steer you clear of the bankruptcy iceberg — no matter how far away it is.

But if you don’t want to work with an individual, no matter how professional they are, you can use services to ease cash flow problems too. If your business is in the midst of a cash flow problem then you should factor in factoring. It doesn’t matter the size of your business — third parties, otherwise known as factors, are there to help. They offer a quick fire solution to the problem of clients not paying up. If your cash flow problem is ever induced by a client not paying their debts to you on time then you can use a factor to sort the situation out. You can sell any outstanding invoices that you have to them and let them chase it up. By doing this you get the money you deserve and don’t have to worry about chasing the client’s debts up. You can have a look at the best invoice factoring services by clicking here.

The most important thing you can do when your cash flow is on course to hit an iceberg is to take responsibility for the situation. It is imperative that you don’t hide away from the financial fiasco you are in the midst of. It is vital that you don’t bury your head in the sand. Sometimes you can ignore problems and they will go away, but that doesn’t work for financial problems. By ignoring a financial problem you are putting your business, yourself and even your family at risk. So, if you only had 30 days to fix your finances, what would you do? Hide away from them? Or face them head on? Hopefully after reading this article, it’s the latter.

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