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Career Change Options To Give Something Back

Many of us will come to a point in our lives where we feel that a career change is in order. The decision to take the leap is one that’s both tough and exciting. It could be that you’ve realised that your current job just isn’t for you? Often, it’s easy to become demotivated by a role that doesn’t mean that much to us. For many professionals, the key to job satisfaction is the ability to give something back. Helping others provides many people with a rewarding role that they are proud of. With these ideas in mind, let’s take a look at four career change options to give something back.

1. Environmental Lawyer 

Environmental law involves several issues including waste management, agriculture, biodiversity and species protection. As our concerns for the environment become more urgent, such professionals are increasingly in demand. Environmental lawyers can advise on issues of both sustainability and green-living standards. To become an environmental lawyer, you must gain a law degree initially. After this, it’s also an option to study for a Master’s in Environmental Law. The masters is not essential to practice environmental law, though it will pave the way for more senior positions.

2 . Firefighter

Pursuing a career as a firefighter could be ideal for someone keen to help others, and work in the emergency services field. Firefighting roles generally consist of responding to any calls that report fires; using extinguishers and water hoses to control fires; rescuing victims in danger; and assisting with hazardous clean-ups if needed. Firefighters are required to use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus to protect themselves from hazardous substances on the job. Roles also extend to educating the community about fire safety or checking fire regulations in individual buildings as requested. The route into this role involves a high school diploma (or A levels) plus emergency medical training and completing a program at a fire academy. 

3. Social worker 

Social workers assist clients who suffer from issues caused by mental health, domestic violence, neglect or abuse. Some social workers can diagnose emotional issues and treat such problems (clinical social workers). Typical responsibilities include: assessing clients, providing intervention in crisis; and referring individuals to other agencies for help. To move into the field of social work, you’d need a degree in social work, psychology or something related. It’s also useful to have experience with children or individuals who’ve suffered abuse or mental health issues. Social work roles can be a great career for an empathetic person.

4. Zoologist 

A zoologist works to study different animals, including anatomy, behaviour and evolution. These roles encompass working with animals in the wild, in a laboratory or in captivity. Zoologists complete a range of different work, including conversation work (endangered habitats or species) and also teaching and research. A bachelor’s degree in zoology would be required to obtain a zoologist role. There are many different areas of specialisation, from amphibians to birds or mammals. 

When you’re contemplating a career change, ensure that you’ve completed enough self-study into your options. Thorough research will help you to make the personal and financial decisions involved. 

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