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O Canada! Investment Opportunities In Canada

Real estate investment in Canada

Many of us at look local when investing, but sometimes setting our sights overseas can pay off. Canada is one country that many keen investors are looking to (if you already live there, you probably know this). Here are just some of the investment opportunities that this country has to offer that may be worth buying into.


Property investors may be curious to learn that real estate prices are rising sharply in many areas of Canada. As it becomes a more sought after place to live, the demand has caused appreciation to rise dramatically. Lucrative areas include Thunder Bay, Hamilton and Vancouver. Investing in property abroad can sometimes limit involvement – especially if you regularly buy property to rent, or buy property to renovate. However, if you have the money, simply sitting on a property in the right area of Canada for a few years and then delling might make the investment worthwhile. You may even be able to use it as a holiday home in the meantime.  


More and more people are immigrating to Canada. Making the move is one way to do it, but did you know you can seek Canadian citizenship by investment? This is not an option that everyone can afford, requiring a minimum investment of eight-hundred thousand dollars. On top of this, you need two years business management experience. Fortunately, with swiftly rising immigration levels, you’re likely to make a swift return on such a venture.

Renewable energy

65% of electricity in Canada comes from renewable sources. It’s expansive space provides much room for wind farms and solar farms. Consequently, there’s never been a better place to look for renewable energy investment. With more and more people looking towards solar and wind power, and less people taking up fossil fuels, renewable energy is a reliable investment plan. Unlike previous investments, you may not even that much money to get involved, with some wind farms accepting minimum investments of a couple grand.


You can invest in gold all over the world. Canada – being such a huge country with rich natural resources – is a big gold producer, allowing investors a large scope of places to choose where to invest from. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are a popular investment source, coming in a variety of sizes, conditions and mint years. Before investing in a bullion dealer, always read reviews and analyse the terms and conditions so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Whilst the average price of gold is always going up, some individual dealers can throw in all manner of other hidden costs that can make such an investment (especially a low-cost investment) not worthwhile.

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