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Why Your Business Should Utilize Crowdsourcing Right Now

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard the term ‘crowdsourcing’. After all, it has been around since the 1930s! Toyota was the first brand to use it when they asked people what they thought their logo/name should be. Crowdsourcing isn’t a new thing, but if you’re not using it, you could be making a grave mistake. Here’s why your business should utilize crowdsourcing right now:

Reduce Your Business Costs
Every business should look to managing their money better one way or another. Utilizing crowdsourcing could seriously help you to reduce your costs. Crowdsourcing will give you access to so much more work than you would get for the price of one contractor or freelance, for instance.

Maximize The Options You Have
With crowdsourcing, it’s easy to maximize your options. You will have hundreds to thousands of things to look at depending on what you’re looking for.

Create A Buzz Around Your Business And Engage Your Audience
You can use a variety of different networks to help you choose something for your business, including your social, personal, and professional. This can empower the people who know you and follow you as well as create some excitement around your business and the contest. Crowdsourcing is a brilliant way to engage people – your customers want to be heard, and this is one way you can make them feel valued.

Bear in mind that it’s always worth considering the cons of things too. Here’s an infographic with some crowdsourcing disasters to fill you in!

credit to University of Southern California Online

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