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How To Make Big Returns With Little Investment


Marketing is a funny thing. It takes on a plethora of different forms, and has developed quite significantly over the past few decades. Those who were involved in marketing in the late 80s and early 90s have had to retrain to get on board with internet marketing, networking marketing, social marketing and a whole host of other platforms from which to springboard from. The idea in the past was that the more you spent on marketing, the more you were able to expand your brand. This isn’t the case so much nowadays. You can get big returns on little investment – but you have to be wise with your decisions and act quick.

Invest In … SEO

If you have been put off by big brand SEO companies, who use complicated language and statistics to try and lure you in, don’t fret. There are smaller companies available to go to, and you can even hire a freelance SEO consultant to help you hone in on what you really need. Getting up-close and personal has never been so good for your business. The higher that you appear in results on search engines, the more your site, and as such your startup, will be noticed by those who are more willing to invest in your brand. It doesn’t cost as much as traditional marketing to do, and the results that it procures can be worth even more than what you put into it. This is the new age of marketing, and definitely something that needs to be looked into if you haven’t done so before.

Invest In … Product Placement

If you have a physical product to sell, sending it off to be reviewed by bloggers, companies and independents who have a good social media platform – such as those who record videos for YouTube – could definitely be the way forward. Product placement can usually be achieved by direct relations with whomever and wherever you wish to place, or by sponsorship from your company. It can seem like a huge initial deposit to make, but in the long run it’s not much at all compared to how much you’ll get in return – either by a generated interest or intent buyership as a result.

Invest in … More Time On Social Media

Social media is big business for small companies. Why? Well, partly because it’s free for those who are using the basics, but also because its reach to those in the demographic that you’re wanting to hit can be nothing short of amazing. You need to choose the social media platform that you’re operating from wisely; they can mean different things for your business. Twitter has a shorter lifespan for the posts that you are putting on, and you should be expecting to be posting upwards of 30 tweets a day. This statistic lessens dramatically for Facebook posts, and even more o for those that are put onto LinkedIn – this is where an understanding of the sites that you are using definitely comes into handy.

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