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The Beauty of Simple Technology

Simplicity is something that is beautiful, practical and easy to understand. Technology has improved so much that many tasks that we used to find complicated and strenuous have become simple and painless. For instance, paying someone over the internet used to involve lots of number entering so that we could give people our card details. Not only was it insecure due to the early days of browsing safety, but it was also inconvenient to take our card out and input numbers whenever we wanted to buy something.

This slowly improved over the years. For example, websites allowed you to register an account so that you could save your payment details, and then the introduction of services like www.paypal.com made it easy to not only pay for products but also sell products on the internet.

Keep Your Business Simple

Almost every business has a convoluted method to do something. For instance, you might be handling employees with paper documents, or you might be outsourcing your work to people by using Trello cards or another form of team organisation software that wasn’t intended to be used in that way. As exciting as it is to repurpose free software to match your needs, there are far simpler ways to do these tasks.

Let’s use www.alertmedia.com as an example. They offer a very simple emergency notification system that is automatically connected to the phones and email accounts of people you add to a list. In short, you can send a message to all of your employees from the comfort of a single computer or mobile phone. If we break down what the software does, you’ll notice that all it does is send a message to a group of people, not unlike having a group on a mobile chatting application or adding a list of contacts to an email.

However, it’s the simplicity which makes it useful. You put in a message, hit send and it goes to every device or account that you register. There are hundreds of uses for this, such as being able to send tasks to people, keep them updated on news around the office, or alert them of an emergency within the office.

Cut Costs and Embrace Simplicity

Let’s talk about another great example of software that can serve multiple uses: docs.google.com. It’s a cloud office suite that allows you to write documents, make spreadsheets, presentations and even has built-in cloud storage that can be upgraded. It’s also free, which makes it an excellent choice for startups or companies that aren’t looking for the features that a complete package such as Office 365 offers.
A simple spreadsheet has so many functions built-in that it can even manage your finances or help you calculate complex problems. If you put in a little work, you can turn a simple free piece of cloud software into a bookkeeping tool and save your company large monthly sums that would have otherwise been used on paying an accountant or subscribing to a cloud accounting service.

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