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Beach and Business: The Right Methods for a Great Working Holiday

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They say holidays and work should never mix, but sometimes we have no choice but to venture on a working holiday. So if you’ve already been working at home plenty or you are a digital nomad, it’s part and parcel of a freelancer’s life to ensure that you get away from the monotony of your home or local cafe. But what does it really take to ensure that you have a great working holiday?

The Right Setting

You’ve chosen where you want to go but you’ve got to think about the accommodation. You can’t just opt for any type of accommodation that’s cheap and cheerful; you’ve got to find somewhere that will accommodate your work. The fact is that most people who are going from place to place end up wasting a lot of time finding the best Wi-Fi for their needs and spending a lot of money in cafes in the process. You should go for something like a luxury villa because it will have everything you need and one roof. You could find luxury villas to rent in Quinta do Lago in the Algarve that has amazing views and has everything you need to ensure you can get work done. It is far better to spend more on the ideal hotel room or apartment to make sure that it is going to keep you productive. The quicker you get your work done, the quicker you can hit the beach!

Mute Messages and Emails

As counteractive as it sounds, you are still on a holiday. When you bring all your devices that are used for the purposes of work, it can be so easy to fall back into old habits. Instead, you need to enjoy proper downtime in a new location. As hard as it is, you need to resist checking your emails, at least at the outset. You need to allow yourself some time to get into the “downtime frame of mind,” so once you start relaxing into your holiday, you can then check your emails semi-regularly. The best thing for you to do is the bare minimum of work while you are there. This means that if you are on holiday with the goal of completing one project, make sure this is the maximum of your workload.

Plan for an Extended Working Holiday

We all need to get familiar with exotic locations because it’s not just going to help us get away from our humdrum existence, but it means that variety is the spice of life. There are some fantastic destinations for a working holiday, such as Georgia or Estonia. And the fact is that if you are a remote worker and you can work from anywhere, you may start to think about what these new places could offer you. If you think that you want to relocate to a place like Monaco, you have the perfect opportunity to check out what these places are like. Now is the perfect opportunity to think big. Get the work done, but ensure that you scope out the potential for a great future as well.

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