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Are Your Garage Doors a Security Risk to Your Home?

Your garage door is a potential target for thieves and criminals looking to gain access to your home. So, whether your garage is connected to your property or not, it is important to ensure that it is meeting the requirements for security. You may believe that your current garage door setup is sufficient, but if your doors are a number of years old, or you are aware of being crime in your area, it could be the perfect time to review whether the doors are still suitable. 

Many models of garage door are extremely secure – especially if they are on a motorised track and have no physical handle. This certainly applies to many modern garage doors, but older models can be very vulnerable, especially if they have not been professionally installed or properly maintained. Here we will take a look at whether your garage door is a security risk to your home. 

How garage doors can be forced open

There are many ways that a burglar can break in to a garage – and it tends to be older garage doors that are targeted because they are generally easier to deal with. Modern security features can make this much harder, but not necessarily impossible, so even if your garage door is relatively new it is important to take steps to make sure you are secure.

The risks to older doors are greater. For example, it is generally much easier to drill or cut out the locks on older models, whereas this weakness has been dealt with on more recent developments. Some older versions with only one lock could be broken into in a matter of seconds. There was also often a weakness around the top of the door that could be exploited with a simple device like a crowbar. 

Any doors that run on tracks such as roller and sectional doors offer a greater level of protection simply due to the way that they open. One of the most common ways for thieves to break down these doors is to actually cut a hole in the door – although this is loud and time consuming. 

What security features should you look for?

If you are thinking of switching your garage door to a new model with better security features, it’s important to know what you are looking for. The first thing to be said is that you should always buy from a high-quality manufacturer and from a company that can provide you with a professional fitting service. 

It’s also important to consider the following safety features:

  • Locks on either side of the door 
  • The ability to fit extra locks
  • Bars designed to stop the locks from being physically pried open
  • If automatic, the system should have secure locking mechanisms powered by the door motor

Investing in a high-quality lock

There are various types of lock that you can add to your garage door. The most common is a standard lock that can be attached by anyone with a little DIY experience. You may also wish to look into options such as side door bolts, which are installed on the inside of your garage door. Another option is a deadbolt lock, which will reinforce the door and are very challenging to remove. 

If you don’t want the bother of having a key – which could get lost or stolen – you could opt for a keyless lock with a keypad, allowing you to open your door with a code. 

What about a garage defender?

Another security feature that homeowners are considering for their garage doors is something known as a garage defender. This device is only suitable for up-and-over garage doors – they are a heavy-duty block that stops the outward swing of the door if someone attempts to force it.

These devices can be very effective, but it is important to fit them correctly, and to make sure that they are suitable for the type of ground that you are going to be fixing them to. Incorrectly fitted defenders are little more than a visual deterrent. 

What is the most secure type of garage door?

Any garage door can be extremely secure if you put the correct measures are put in place. Many specialists in the industry consider automatic roller garage doors as the most secure, as they are held in place by a motorised system, and modern models are made from insulated aluminium. 

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