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9 Tips To Keep The Office Clean

Keeping the office clean is an essential part of looking after your office space. A clean office is a healthier environment to be in, and it will look smarter and more cared for when clients or customers visit. Here are some easy tips to keep your office looking as good as possible. 

  1. Keep desks clear. All the hustle of a workday can lead to a very cluttered desk. Take some time at the end of the day to clean and reset your desk area, and encourage your team to do the same. Tidy away any clutter, throw away any litter, and wipe over the surface of the desk. 
  2. Avoid food mess. When you’re busy, it’s easy to stay at your desk and have lunch while you continue working. Eating at the desk is a good way to ensure a messy workspace. Crumbs and liquids fall into the crevices of your keyboard, creating a sticky mess. The longer they’re left, the stains can become harder to remove and germs begin to gather. Discourage eating at desks. 
  3. Kill germs. If people are eating at their desks, make sure you’re keeping the workspace healthy. Dust and other particles gather over time. Wipe the desks over at least once a week with a multi-purpose cleaner to kill germs and get rid of dust. 
  4. Think antibacterial. Germs can spread fast in an office environment. Keep hand sanitizers in stock and readily available for staff to use to stop germs spreading around the office. This reduces the amount of time people will spend ill, and fewer people will catch colds or the flu. 
  5. Make a group effort. Break rooms or common areas should be kept clean to stop germs from building up. All workers spend time here, so don’t shy away from asking the staff to help keep these areas clean. Dishes shouldn’t be left in the sink. Food containers should be thrown away, and the counters should be sanitized.
  6. Empty the trash. If nobody has emptying the trash as part of their job, make it part of yours. Bins should be emptied at least every other day so bacteria and odor don’t build up and become a problem. Make this a group effort too. Designate a member of each team to handle trash cans in the work area on different days. 
  7. Remember those hard to reach places. When you’re having the office fully cleaned, make sure everywhere can be reached. You might need to rearrange the furniture a little bit to avoid hard-to-reach places being blocked off, like the gaps behind cabinets. 
  8. Clean the floors. Office floors have a lot of foot traffic. Vacuum and mop often to keep the office floors clean to make sure the office is clean and presentable for visitors. Choose easy to clean materials, like carpets from https://flooring.uk.com/mats/type/coir-matting/
  9. Do your part. The area you work in is your responsibility. Take the time to make sure your workspace is maintained every day.  Keeping the office clean should be a group effort, and everyone needs to participate. 

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