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8 Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Team

One of the keys to having a successful business would be keeping your team motivated. This positive connection within the environment will not only make everybody’s job easier, but it helps the flow of creativity, and it builds a stronger connection for everyone too. A happy team is a happy business, which is how productivity plays a huge part in it. If a person is happy, it usually means they have little worries, so they can put more of their thought and energy into staying productive in their work. The productivity of a team plays a huge part in company culture too. This is due to how everyone engages with one another, how they handle their tasks and their attitude in general. If you’re looking into improving the productivity of the team and making the business a little happier for everyone, here are some tips to help.

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Allow team members to have some ownership

If you’re a small business owner, think about allowing your team members to have some ownership in the company. This power of ownership will help teammates in the decision-making process, but it also significantly helps with accountability too. This increases the sense of responsibility within owners of the business. This means they will work harder and will think more about what decision will impact the business.

Track goals

A great way to motivate team members would be discussing goals within their career development but also goals for the company too. Discuss with everybody what some of the goals could be, figure out how easily obtainable they are, and then begin tracking these goals. Having team members work towards a goal, whether individually or collectively, will help bring in motivation to reach the final product.


To develop a trusting environment within the workplace, it’s important to provide meaningful feedback regularly. Ask your teammates questions such as what their challenges are and if they need additional resources for their work. Also, allow your team to give your feedback as well. This should go both ways to create a trusting bond.

Encourage breaks

Try to make sure that no one is getting burnt out with what they’re doing. Try adding more breaks and encourage this to your members. This could be extending lunchtime, having an additional day off, or allowing people to leave early in the day. Also, try to provide something fun or comfortable in the break room or maybe have a patio outside so coworkers can get a breath of fresh air. Even something such as working from home can drastically help employees feel happy and make them feel as if they’re on a break. Allowing these breaks will help them feel happy and recharged which means more productivity.

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Look into the software

The current software that everyone is using could potentially affect the workflow of your team members. It’s important to have software that’s up to date to not only help with productivity but to help the business thrive as well. Also, look into things such as construction document management too if this helps your business.

Create a good environment

Both the company culture and the work environment go hand in hand. You’ll want the work environment to be comfortable for everyone as this will help with efficiency. Looking into the interior design of the office, as well as the lighting can affect how everybody feels. So it’s best to create a physically comfortable environment. But the environment of the office isn’t only physical though. You need to also look into the social aspect of the environment too. Are there any condescending employees? What about anybody being dominant? These can bring down company morale.  

Shorten meetings

Nobody likes meetings, honestly, meetings can kill productivity. If meetings need to be planned, especially if everyone is working remotely, figure out a way to shorten these unnecessary meetings down. Make sure these are short enough so everyone can retain their attention to it but still detailed so the members still get the central message.

Stop micromanaging

You may be micromanaging without even realizing it. Try to allow your employees to do things their way, it may be easier on them plus this gives them some freedom to do their job most effectively. Make sure that you are approachable towards your team members in case they have any questions or concerns, but it’s best to just trust and have confidence in how your teammates want to do things. This further strengthens their confidence in their work performance and this can also help build trust.

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