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7 Things to Look for in Your New Home

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So, you’re already a home owner and you’re thinking about moving to your next home. You’ve probably already thought about what you want in your new home. You may even have made a list on non-negotiables, so you can stay on track while you’re house hunting. But if you’re looking for a little help, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


The location should still be your number one priority. Do you want the house within walking distance of your child’s school? Perhaps you have a travel time in mind when it comes to commuting to work. Many young families want to be close to relatives, so they can rely on them for babysitting duties or have someone near in an emergency. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to stick to your desired location – even if that means having to wait until the perfect house crops up.

Know the Building

When house hunting it’s easy to miss obvious flaws that may annoy you once you’re living in a new home. For example, does the window look directly into a neighbours house? Is your garden private enough for your children to play or for your family to sunbathe? Is it safe for pets? There’s so much to consider when you’re going through the viewing process, so it could be a good idea to write some important questions down. If you’re seriously considering a property, why not drive through the neighbourhood and get an idea of the surrounding area. Take a look at how well neighbours keep their homes and if it’s considered safe enough for kids to play in yards.

Interior Design

The inside of your home will depend on how much work you’re willing to do to it. If you’re willing to put money and time into creating the perfect home, you don’t have to worry about the work that comes along with a property. However, if you haven’t got the time for renovations, you’ll probably be looking for something that has your interior tastes. For example, are you looking for polished concrete floors in your kitchen? Although they’ll take a lot of upkeep with concrete floor polishing pads, they’re certainly a sought after and popular feature. Look for homes that offer interiors that you’ve been visualising.


Safety First

The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior. Looking closely at the exterior can give you a good idea of the potential damage the house possesses and how it will affect you and your family down the line. For example, you don’t want to take on a brick house in an earthquake prone area. You may notice damp patches outside that haven’t quite reached inside yet. Take a good look at the roof and chimney if there is one. Getting some professional advice and a thorough home survey before you make any commitments is one of the best things you can do.

Floor Plan

Walking around a beautiful home can side track you from what’s really important. The fact that the garden has a beautiful pool installed ready and waiting for the Summer could distract you from seeing that the house has very little storage. Things like storage are vastly important to growing families. Do you need a utility area? Are you willing to sacrifice on bedroom size? If size doesn’t bother you because your plan is to expand in the future, you’ll need to consult with an architect first. The last thing you want to find at some point down the line is that you’re unable to add more space to the home you purchased for that very purpose.


One of the main things that people neglect to check is the natural light in rooms while they’re house hunting. It’s especially difficult to see if you’ve only got time to visit potential homes during the evening, but it’s not usually on the priority list anyway. You don’t want to move into a new home and find that your rooms are poorly lit during the day. Lots of natural light will give your home the wow factor, so if there aren’t plenty of windows, check for opportunities to build skylights or add in bifold glass doors.

The Little Things

Of course, you should never fall in love with a house for the little things. But when it comes down to choosing between houses, the little things could tip the scale. Look for quirks that you may not have seen anywhere else. The things that make your home unique are things that make your home yours.

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