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6 Ways You Can Use Accetone Around Your Home

Acetone is a solvent that has many different uses in industries like medical, laboratory, and cosmetic, but people often associate this chemical with nail polish remover as that’s what it’s commonly known for. However, it is a versatile product and there are plenty of ways you can use acetone around your home. 

In this post, we take a look at the different ways acetone can be used to remove stains, scuffs, and scratches, as well as clean household items.

Remove stubborn stains

Acetone can be used to remove stubborn stains from coffee cups and clean grease from plates. It can also be used if you have stains in a porcelain sink. If you accidentally get an ink stain on an item of clothing, you can get rid of it by simply dabbing the area with some acetone. This should help to lift the stain and then you just need to wash it straight away. 

Remove scuffs and scratches

If you have scuff marks on your floor, you can put some acetone on a cloth and work it into the affected area. Once you’ve done this, use some warm soapy water to clean and the scuff mark should be gone. If you have any scratches on glass, you can also use acetone to help remove them from the surface level. You will need to be careful not to apply too much as it could end up making it worse. 

Remove paint splatter

When decorating it can be extremely annoying to find specks of paint from splashback on windows and other surfaces. But by using acetone and leaving it to soak, these can be removed in minutes. 

Remove sticky residue

If you have any glass or metal items around the home that may have had stickers on them, sometimes they can be hard to remove and may even leave a sticky residue behind. By using acetone, you can simply remove this left-behind adhesive which will help to dissolve the residue leaving your glass or metal in a better condition. Acetone can also help dissolve superglue, so if you’ve used this around the house and then change your mind, this will help you get rid of it.

Remove marks off walls 

If the kids have been mischievous and left unwanted permanent marker marks on walls or you have stubborn marks left behind on a whiteboard, you can use acetone to remove these. Slowly dab on the mark, and it should clear up straight away. 

Clean away the bacteria

We’ve discussed how acetone can help remove stains and scuffs around the home, but it is also useful when it comes to sanitising things like your phone, keyboard, and mouse; things that you touch often and are more prone to germs. Simply put some acetone on a cloth and wipe over these surfaces to kill any bacteria that may be on them.

These are some of the different ways that you can use acetone around your home to remove unwanted stains, scuffs, and scratches, as well as kill any lingering bacteria on your most touched items. 

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