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5 Ways Solar Energy Can Help Your Day To Day Life

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There are more perks to solar power than being eco-friendly. As the technology advances, people are discovering more and more benefits to this planet-saving energy source. Below are just some of the added benefits that may sway you to get more involved in solar power.

Cut out electricity bills

Installing solar panels on your roof and rerouting all your sockets to run off solar energy can save you ever having to pay electricity bills again. With installation prices constantly going down as the technology becomes easier to produce, the time it will take to make back your money is constantly decreasing. There are many solar providers out there to choose from, allowing you to shop around for prices. Even if you don’t have the finances to completely fuel your home’s electricity on solar power, installing a select number of solar plug sockets could halve your electricity bills and work out much cheaper to install.

Cut costs on heating

You can also run heating off of solar powered electricity, cutting costs on your gas bills. Many solar panel owners choose to run an electric shower off of solar energy. You can even use solar energy to heat a swimming pool all year round. Having all your heating running off solar energy may require installing a lot of solar panels, plus solar heaters – it may not even be possible for some homeowners, structurally and financially. Of course, the more insulated your property is, the less solar energy you’ll need.

Keep your car battery permanently charged

You can run your car battery off of solar power, preventing power loss and having to make battery replacements. Solar powered car batteries won’t naturally deplete over time, so you can leave your car for long periods without driving it without having to worry about not being able to start it up next time you drive it. Camper vans and caravans can also be run off solar power, allowing you to watch TV and use electrical appliances without having to hook up to a charging point.

Charge appliances on the go

Solar powered portable chargers can allow you to charge up all kinds of appliances on the go from mobile phones to laptops. If you’re exploring the wilderness or travelling around a third world country, you won’t have to keep making detours to find places with electricity. If your work requires a lot of travelling, a solar powered charger might also allow you to do more work on the go.

Take your TV camping

Okay, so this one’s a bit outlandish, and you may have to stick to DVDs and not channels, but it just shows the possibilities of solar power. A high end solar portable generator can power a TV for up to 35 hours. If you have the room in your car, you could pack a TV complete with an in-built DVD player along with a portable generator, allowing you to watch HD films from a plasma screen in your tent.

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