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5 Tips To Improve The User Experience Of Your Website


User experience or UX design refers to the procedure of designing a product ( or website). The process aims to create a website which offers the most appropriate experience to the users. The experience should be engaging, highly functional, and relevant to their needs. No matter what your industry sector, a great website is paramount to driving success. Perhaps you’d like to improve your current website but you’re not sure where to start? To enhance the experience for your users, try taking on board the following tips.

1 . Up Your Speed

In the modern world, the consumer doesn’t want to wait around. When a website takes too long to load, people often lose interest and click away. You won’t want to lose potential customers due to this, so it’s best to optimize the speed of your website as much as possible. To do so, you could try the free tool ‘ Google Pagespeed Insights’. The tool works to test your site performance and can also offer a few tips on how to make improvements overall. Pingdom is another tool which can help to improve your website speed. Ensure to appropriately compress your images when seeking to improve the speed of your site. 

2. Improve your images 

The images which you have on your website are of great importance to represent your company as you wish to be perceived. Stock images are quick and there are some brilliant ones out there; however, these images are not personal to your brand. If you want to showcase the personality of your business, it could be a good move to hire a professional photographer to take some natural shots of you and your employees in action. 

3. Video Content

Video content is often preferred by the consumer as opposed to any other type of content. People tend to retain more of a message when they access it via video format. In addition to this, video allows scope for a more imaginative piece of content. You might try video marketing or a video which offers advice on how to get the most out of one of your products. Including yourself and your staff in such content is a great idea as customers often like to put names to faces.

4. Usability 

The usability of your website is crucial to its success ongoing. When users find it too difficult to navigate a website, they may end up shopping elsewhere. With this in mind, keep your layout and design simple. It should be easy for users to move through each stage of the sale journey without instruction. It can be useful to get feedback on how your customers find using your website. Doing so can help you to make improvements ongoing. Sites like 3rdly website design are a great go-to for those looking to build or improve their sites. 

5. Chatbots

Chatbots can be a useful tool on your website because this kind of software can help customers to problem solve in real-time. Whether your customer had a question about delivery or payment, a Chatbot can answer queries via an instant messaging service. These are useful to provide 24/7 customer service on a large scale. Customers often like typing to chatbots when they have a quick question and don’t have time to call your company on the phone. 

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