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5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products To Use In Your Business

With 84% of customers globally saying they seek out environmentally and socially responsible products wherever possible, brands are increasingly needing to demonstrate their environmental credentials when it comes to their operations and the products they pass on to their customers. 

If you use promotional products as part of your marketing strategy, then using eco-friendly products is another chance to communicate to your customers your brand’s sustainability and environmental stance.

All the following ideas are eco-friendly and are made using natural materials that are biodegradable and reduce the impact your promotional products have on our natural world. 

  1. Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

Bags are a classic, popular, and successful promotional item. But plastic bags have dramatically fallen out of fashion in recent years due to the negative environmental impact they are having on our oceans, and polluting other fragile ecosystems. So why not opt for branded logo cotton tote bags for your promotional giveaways instead? It’s now possible to get your brand details printed onto recycled cotton bags made from woven-together wastage and offcuts,  with some bags even being made from recycled plastic bottles. 

As promotional items, reuseable bags work brilliantly. These lightweight and durable carriers can be packed into a small size and used for those impromptu trips to the store. And every time they’re packed with groceries (possibly for years to come) so you gain brand exposure – unlike with plastic bags which might only have one or two uses in them before being discarded.

2. Real Wood Name Badges

A personalizable and distinctive name badge made of wood which offers an environmentally-friendly twist on a standard plastic name badge. Manufactured from recycled, biodegradable wood, these badges will show your customers that you care, not only about their business, but the planet, too.  For a selection of wooden name badges and other environmentally friendly promotional products, click here.

  1. Biodegradable Biros

Pens are always a winner when it comes to promotional giveaways: they are cost-effective, useful and popular with customers. Biodegradable biros have all the advantages of a pen, but with the added advantage that they are constructed of fully biodegradable materials and manufactured using 100% renewable energy sources. The pens come in several colors and can be customized with your company’s logo to make them fully branded to your specifications.

  1. Biodegradable Sports Water Bottles

A fully customizable bottle which is made of biodegradable plastics? What’s not to love as a business and as a client? If this plastic bottle was to end up in landfill (which hopefully it doesn’t as your customer will find it a gift they want to keep hold of), it would biodegrade within five years – reducing the impact your company has on the environment and making the world a greener place.

  1. Biodegradable Mugs

A cheap and useful item. Everyone can make use of a biodegradable mug for their morning cup of coffee or tea! Especially one you can brand to promote your company. If these mugs end up in a landfill site, they too will biodegrade within five years and make less impact on the environment than a standard ceramic mug would.

Giving away promotional products is a chance to tell your customers something about your business and what it stands for. So why not use the opportunity to tell them that your business cares about the same things they do; people, and the planet. 

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